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Seven years ago, he challenged Satoshi, who rolled eyes on his contention. Later he brought that disagreement to Vitalik. Having raised $180 million in five days, his token surged for 49% on the first day on Huobi Pro

The first commercial level operating system on the blockchain

Highlight 1

Enable bank-level simultaneous transactions

Highlight 2

Substantially reduce the difficulty of application dvelpment

Highlight 3

No fuel needed, No network jam

(Miners will prioritize users who have attached higher fees for their transactions)

High profile founders

Brendan Blumer
(BrendanBlumer: I’m now on Weibo.)
(BB’s Weibo post. It seems like he prefers emoji rather than Chinese)

BM challenged Satoshi, who rolled eyes on his contention

(Satoshi’s response on Bitcointalk. The thread had already been deleted. Click on it to view the picture. Refer to the watermark for the source of this picture.)

BM Disagreed With Vitalik

(BM at the left, Vitalik at the right)
BM spoke to Vitalik in a conversation video
(A writer how has make $15,000 by publishing an article on Steemit)

EOS, a somehow different token

(EOS’s official website show daily sales)
(Historical price chart of EOS tokens)
(EOS surged for 49% within the first hour it was listed on Huobi Pro)

Token Utility

Risk warning



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