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[Tutorial] How To Access CUBE Network via iToken & MetaMask!

Markets continue to be sluggish, and this week’s weak performance has compounded ongoing concerns. However, as the crypto industry continues to grow and develop, more people are beginning to pay attention to emerging projects in the bear market which can often become the driving force for the next phase of market development.

Cube Network, a public chain project launched in May, has been on an upward trajectory since its launch. Not only has the price of Cube’s token (CUBE) increased 50 times from 0.3 USDT at launch to 15 USDT, its testnet addresses have exceeded 1.5 million in just seven days with over 200,000 on-chain transactions since launch. There are nearly 100 projects deployed on the Cube Network covering different areas such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Dex, etc. By linking to the Cube network and interacting with the projects on the chain, users can not only obtain the latest project information, but also get closer to the growth trends of the crypto industry.

This is a general guide on how to set up your iToken/MetaMask wallet to execute transactions on the Cube Network. We have updated this guide to reflect iToken/MetaMask’s new interfaces!

🔹 1. Access Cube Network Via iToken

Step 1 — Download iToken Wallet

The first step is to create an iToken wallet if you don’t have one. Go to or Google Play to follow the steps to download. Next, create an account.

If you need help to create an iToken account, or to troubleshoot the download process, check out the handy FAQs here. Please note that we can’t assist with issues at the iToken account creation stage, if you need help there please contact iToken support.

🔹Step 2 — Create Cube Network account

a) Open the iToken app

b) Click “Wallet

Click the “Wallet” button which is highlighted inside the red box in the image below.

c) Click the “Add New Wallet”

Click the “Add New Wallet” button in the pop-up window, as highlighted in the image below.

Next, a new window will open where you have to select the Cube Network and create a Cube Wallet.

c) After setting the password, press “CUBE” and “Create Wallet”

Search for “Cube” in the red search box at the top or click “Cube” directly in the public chain. column below. Please remember to back up the mnemonic phrase and complete the verification.

🔹Step 3 — All done! You are connected to the Cube Network!

After the third step, you can access the Cube network through iToken and perform various interactions. You can get your Cube wallet address on iToken and see your balance too!

🔹2. Access Cube Network Via MetaMask

In addition, you can access the Cube Network through MetaMask.

The settings are easy to manage as follows:

1st Step - Install & set up your wallet, Example: MetaMask x Chrome as an example.

MetaMask is available for download on Chrome, Brave, and Firefox, or if you’re a mobile user, on iOS and Android. Go to, select Chrome, and follow the steps to install it on your personal computer.

Follow the settings specified by the app, and double-click to create a wallet. Write down your backup mnemonic in a secret place (preferably not on an Internet-connected device). Without this sentence, your funds cannot be recovered if your device is damaged or lost.

2nd Step- Connect MetaMask to the Cube Network

As you may notice, we are still in the Ethereum wallet. We need to add “Cube Network” to MetaMask first.

a) Click on “Ethereum Mainnet” at the top of MetaMask

b) Click “Add Network”

Step 3- Input the basic information of Cube Network:

Network Name: Cube Network


ChainID: 1818

Symbol: CUBE

Block Explorer URL:

Make sure the parameters are correct before proceeding! Once you have filled in the parameters, the window should look like the one in the image below.

Step 4-Final step

Once you have set up the network by clicking ‘save’, the MetaMask wallet will automatically connect to the Cube Network. You can get your Cube wallet address on MetaMask and see your balance too!

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