Tutorial: How to Pool ARB Airdrops to Huobi?

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4 min readMar 23


Layer 2 project Arbitrum will airdrop ARB, its new governance token, to community members on March 23. With a total supply of 10 billion, 12.75% of ARB will be airdropped to eligible Arbitrum users, including 11.5% to those who have used the network in the past year. Those who qualify as an “Arbitrum user” before the Snapshot taken on February 6, 2022, are eligible for the airdrop.

🔹Huobi offers a leading solution for pooling airdrops:

During Hop’s and Optimism’s airdrop events, many users were disqualified due to engaging in Sybil attacks, which were identified through screening, detection, and community reporting. Hop even implemented incentivized reporting for qualification examination. Arbitrum is also going to take this measure in its upcoming airdrops.

Withdrawing your airdrop rewards from multiple Arbitrum addresses to the same Huobi account may be identified as a Sybil Attack and thus lead to your airdrops being canceled.

At Huobi, you can create up to 100 sub-accounts to pool your airdrop rewards, each supporting 20 Arbitrum addresses. This is one of the most attractive solutions you can find in the industry.

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🔹How to pool ARB to Huobi from less than 20 on-chain addresses? (App)

  1. Download Huobi App
  2. Log in to the Huobi App and tap Assets.

2. Tap Deposit

3. Select ARB to enter the deposit address page.

4. Tap ARC 20 to choose the deposit network. Tap More Deposit Addresses and add your corresponding withdrawal addresses.

5. Tap Add Address to complete the process.

🔹How to deposit ARB to Huobi from over 20 on-chain addresses? (Web)

  1. Visit Huobi’s official website, log into your account, and access this link to create sub-accounts

2. Create a sub-account and choose a name for your sub-account.

3. Click on Check Availability to make sure the name you have chosen for your sub-account is available.

4. Complete Security Authentication and click Confirm.

5. Now your sub-account is created and available for use.

6. Click Transfer to transfer assets between your main account’s spot account and sub-account’s spot account.

Thanks for reading this tutorial , and please check out the deposit campaign where you can share $20,000 just by depositing $ARB on Huobi. Lastly, make sure to follow Huobi on our social channels to stay update on all things crypto.

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