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How USN v2.0 withstand a bear and thrive in a bull?

Authored by Fubing Yang, Derrick Chen, Researchers at Huobi Research Institute

1. Industry overview

I. Overall market trend



IV.Layer 2

2. Market news (Sources: Coindesk, Odaily, Jinse Finance, CoinGape, Coingeek, PR Newswire)

I. Industry news

II. Investment and Financing

III. Supervision

3. Trending project analysis — USN v2.0

I. USN v1.0

Initial double-collateralization

Automatic rebalancing of the Reserve Fund

Figure 4 : Pain level indicator (Source: Data built by Huobi Research)

II. USN v2.0

Phase I

Phase II

4. Calendar of future popular asset events

I. NTF mint Calendar

II. Token Airdrops



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