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Primelist Project Introduction History DAO(HAO)

1. Project introduction

HistoryDAO is where the world records history in Web3. Simply put, it mints NFTs but with a historical flavour.

The Web3 community comes together on the HistoryDAO platform to mint historic and current events immutably on the blockchain to be preserved — unchanged and unwavering — as HistoryNFTs.

The decentralization and democratization of history with blockchain and NFT technology is governed by the DAO.

Users can now write, record, analyze, adjudicate, and mint our world as it unfolds across the globe every day with HistoryDAO and HistoryNFTs.







HistoryDAO allows users to mint NFTs to record historical events.

HistoryDAO Philosophy

Human history has always been written by the winners, a rule that is about to change with blockchain technology.

Humanity hungers for the truth, and truth is unrelenting.

Those who record and preserve history should be rewarded.

Historical events and their development processes have not been tracked chronologically and properly.


HistoryNFTs: Users can mint a single moment in history with HistoryNFTs.

INO (Initial NFT Offering) / HistoryNFT Series: INOs (Initial NFTs Offerings) allow users raise funds from the creation of their HistoryNFT Series.

Users can create a HistoryNFT Series collection, open a mint event to the public, auction their mints, and publish their series upon the event’s completion.


Users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs on the HistoryDAO marketplace where users can find the data, properties, and details they need.


DAO features govern the HistoryDAO platform completely. Its mission is to decentralize and democratize the recording of history in Web3.

Supported: BNB Chain. Ethereum

HistoryDAO have officially developed the main features of the HistoryDAO platform. Minting, following, and trading functions are online;

Started marketing operations, and cooperated with well-known writer Kevin Kelly on considerations of overall direction and philosophy.

HistoryDAO have support BNB Chain and Ethereum.

Monthly active users: 1000+

Social Media data:

Twitter: 68.7K+

Discord: 17.6K+

Telegram: 30K+

YouTube: 2K+

2022 Q3-Q4 Initial DAO functions

• Version 1.1 goes live: The DAO function is online, and the weekly and monthly historical event selection and reward functions are online.

• Supporting trading function of assets on BNB-chain.

2023 Q1-Q2 Browser functions

• Version 1.2 The INO (Initial NFT Offering) function goes live.

• The online history browsing function goes live, supporting the historical event correlation reference function.

After 2023 Q2 Royalties functions & creation tools

• Version 1.3 goes live: supporting the collector’s royalty function, launching the creation tool, and releasing news to various media.

• Further functions will be created and updated when the DAO committee deems it necessary.

2. Competitive Analysis

As an NFT marketplace, there are a few prominent competitors in the space, including OpenSea, LooksRare and Rarible. The latter two have their own tokens, which can be compared to $HAO, HistoryDAO’s token. (Data as at time of comparison)

3. Token Economy

-Two rounds of private sale: 20%, will be released in 4 years;

-Developer team incentive: 15%, will be locked until the second year and released in 3 years

-Airdrop: 10%,52,000,000 unlocked at HistoryDAO launch, then 2,000,000 unlocked per month for 2 years

-Treasury: 20%,20,000,000 unlocked at HistoryDAO launch, then 3,000,000 unlocked per month for 5 years

-Market Liquidity Reserve: 15%, 6,000,000 unlocked at HistoryDAO launch, then 3,000,000 unlocked per month for 4 years

-Marketing Budget: 10% will be released in 2 years

-Truth and Intellectual Property Protection Fund: 10%,will be locked until the second year and released in 3 years

4. Team and Partners

Skyler C Harris, Co-founder at HistoryDAO

-From the United States.

-Graduated from University of Utah with Bachelor’s Degree Major in English, Minor in History.

-Overall management of company and content governance committee.

-Over 10 years of experience in content production and market strategy.

-Former ByteDance executive with extensive industry network across North America.

Sascha Stange — Marketing & Operations Director

-Form Germany.

-Marketing and communication, Community management and product experience design.

-Urban design and tourism experience creator.

-Experience economy and blockchain enthusiast with proven track record in consumer relations, communication, and product design.

Russ Fischer — Art Director

-From Russia.

-Graduated from Almaty State University. Advertising major.

-Responsible for artistic design.

-Renowned International Designer with over 10 internationally recognized accolades.

-Former Head of Design at 4A advertising agencies; managed projects include Olympic Games, DreamWorks, Samsung, Calvin Klien, Armani, P&G, Nestle and more.

Chain Capital Website:

Consensuslabs Website:

BIA (Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance) Website:

Alchemy Pay Website:

About Chain Capital

Founded in 2015, Chain Capital is a Web3 fund focusing on investment in blockchain projects and professional management of digital assets. Through combining traditional financial wisdom and the application of new blockchain technology, it has helped create a group of world-class investment projects through discovery, incubation, and resource management. The core team has many successful cases of blockchain industry investment.

About Consensus Lab

Consensus Lab invests in new formats and models for the development of the digital economy, with focus on blockchain, as represented in its portfolio by companies like DeFiner, GeoDB, Mars Finance, Qtum, Canaan Inc., TRON, and others. Consensus Lab divides its investments between a “DeFi Innovation Fund,” which is focused on projects, and a “Quantitative Fund of Funds” focusing on cryptocurrency investment and quantitative trading through the selection of excellent quantitative funds.

About BIA

The Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance (BIA) was founded by a group of seasoned incubators, with Alchemy Pay, VeChain, Polyon, NEAR, and NEO, among others as members. The BIA believes that sharing expertise, viewpoints, and resources is mutually beneficial as friends and industry veterans. They recognize that the expansion of blockchain networks has created new issues, and they see the necessity to provide infrastructure that connects blockchain technology.

About Alchemy Pay

Founded in Singapore in 2018, Alchemy Pay is a payment solutions provider that seamlessly connects cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currency for consumers, merchants, and developers. It provides merchants with convenient crypto acceptance and makes crypto and Web3 services highly accessible. Alchemy Pay’s on and off ramp plugin is integrated with crypto platforms and dApps — DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, Social etc — to provide an easy easy gateway payment from fiat to crypto and vice versa. Its crypto acceptance system has touchpoints with 2+ million online and in-store merchants in over 70 countries. Alchemy Pay’s network includes 300+ fiat payment channels, including popular e-wallets in emerging markets. ACH is Alchemy Pay’s utility token on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Near, Alchemy Pay, ForTube, PlayerOne, SomnLife, TofuNFT, Element, XCarnival, Heartrate, SOULSAVER, Galaxy Blitz, FitR, Drive2, LingoesGame, Port3, YeehaGame, Voice Street, Metabit, MetaBeat, UneMeta, BetaMars, D1verse, ReadON, .bit, Proud Kitty Gang, EyesFi, Jungo, CandyKitty, Quest3, Theia, Midgard Saga, Genki, and Twitterscan are all projects we’ve cooperated with in terms of brands and communities.

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