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SBT: the Key to Unlock the Future of DeSoc


1. The Origin and the Diffusion Curve of SBT

1.1 Etymology and definition

1.2 New solutions for decentralized identity

2. Typical SBT-based applications

2.1 SBT as certificate

2.2 SBT as identification

2.3 Semi-credit-lending SBTs

3. Challenges in the SBT Sector

3.1 No unified technical standard

3.2 The dilemma between privacy protection and verifiability

3.3 Loopholes in some application scenarios

4. An Outlook: Potential Application Scenarios of SBT

4.1 More flexible user operations with cross-chain SBTs

4.2 More accurate marketing by refined SBT

4.3 Facilitated credit lending under mass adoption of SBTs


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