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Weekly Market Analysis (2021/12/18–2021/12/25)


Macro environment:

•US PCE data hit a new high since 1989; US stocks rose across the board on Thursday; markets are betting on a 100 basis point rate hike by the Bank of England in 2022.

Spot market:

  • Market Overview: The overall market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies stood at US$2.384 trillion, up 6.4% from last week.
  • Technical analysis: BTC continues to rebound and shows signs of recovery. ETH oscillated to the upside and broke out of the descending parallel channel.
  • Stablecoin and Capital flow: USDT issued significantly this week. USDT premium is negative. BTC balance in exchanges’ wallets outflowed significantly, ETH balance in exchanges’ wallets remained stable.
  • Miner: The BTC hash rate increased significantly.
  • Compliance agency: Grayscale Trust BTC/ETH lock-up volume remains stable this week.

Derivatives market:

  • The BTC futures open interest increased slightly this week, with basis having a slight increase. BTC-compliant market futures contracts kept stable this week, and trading volume maintained at a low level. BTC perpetual contract funding rates fluctuated slightly below zero.
  • BTC options open interests greatly increased this week. BTC options IV quickly dropped, reaching the lowest point in a month. BTC options skew moves up with a strong trend.
  • The open interests of ETH futures increased slightly, with basis kept steady this week. ETH perpetual contract funding rates fluctuated below zero. The volatility is further reduced.
  • ETH options open interests increased sharply this week. ETH options IV had a decline in all periods this week, with skew in each period staggered and rose in overall.

Weekly Market hot spots :

  • NFT Games DOGAMÍ closes $6 million Pre-Seed round with participation from Ubisoft and Animoca Brands.

Macro Environment

BTC and ETH Spot Market Analysis

Analysis of Derivatives Market

Market Hotspots

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