7 things you can donate to help hurricane victims


All around Tallahassee, local businesses are gathering supplies to send to Texas to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. These drop-off stops include Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and even small businesses like Lady Luck Boutique and Restoration Place. But what can you donate to help?

1. Canned Goods

This one goes without saying. If you’ve lived through hurricane season in Florida you know the first things Publix runs out of is water and canned goods. You can help out by sending non-perishable, canned goods to families desperately in need.

2. Diapers

If you watched the news at all in the days and even weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, chances are you saw multiple families trying to take care of their belongings and many of them most likely had small children with them. You can help by donating new, unopened packages of diapers so these parents have one less thing to worry about while they are trying to get their lives back to normal.

3. First Aid Items

Along with diapers, first aid items such as Band-Aid’s and Neosporin are also items that are often overlooked when it comes to items needed during hurricane recovery.

4. Toiletries

Items like shampoo and toothpaste are in short supply at shelters and helping replenish these supplies can be done at very little cost. Helping supply these everyday items will provide already stressed and worried families with one less thing to worry about.

5. Pillows and Blankets

While some families have had many of their possessions destroyed, pillows and blankets are some that can be replaced easily and cheaply. With the large number of families in need these are supplies that will be more then appreciated.

6. Socks

Some supplies that people often don’t think of needing more of before and after a hurricane include socks and underwear. With power outages lasting for days and a limited supply of water, washing clothes is put on the back burner and while wearing the same shirt and shorts multiple days may not seem like the most disgusting thing given the circumstances, wearing the same underwear and socks just might.

7. Box Fans

With power outages comes no air conditioning. Given the limited amount of gasoline available for generators, box fans can be a lifesaver and provide much needed airflow. Again though, if you’ve gone through hurricane season in Florida, you know this is another hot item that quickly goes out of stock.