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Your data may be in danger. Everything you type into Google, Facebook or any other “service” may be stored somewhere. GDPR and similar laws protect some of us, but no law will be ever be so powerful to guarantee your data is 100% safe and private.

New internet is arriving — internet of connected things. In the near future most internet traffic won’t be generated by us, but by devices around us. To be able to communicate with each other these devices need their own version of Facebook — today we call it an “IoT platform”. Think about it as a social network for things. Similar to Facebook or Google, your devices have their own accounts on an “IoT platform”. If your device sends data to another one, traffic goes through this “IoT platform”. The sad truth is:

a) platform providers can potentially spy on your data

b) can disable your devices whenever they like without your permission

c) can leave a security hole which hackers can exploit

Of course, it’s not a big deal if you lose the access to your smart sensor data. But what if someone stops your production line, or steals your IP? Yep, then it becomes a little more serious…

Remove the “IoT platform”

At Husarion we found the answer — let’s remove the “IoT platform”, and let devices communicate with each other directly. This is why we created Husarnet — you simply install Husarnet client on your devices and they see each other like they were in the same LAN network, regardless of the network they are in. Also, the traffic does not go through ours, or our partners servers. We don’t even touch your data. It goes directly between the devices you own. That’s what you call a real Peer-To-Peer connection (P2P).

But how devices know where the other devices are in the internet? Thanks to Husarnet Base server which is used only once — to establish a connection. It does not see your unencrypted data at all — it only initiates connection. After that you can forget about it!

Privacy + Security

Your data never leaves any of your devices unencrypted. It only belongs to you. Husarnet uses modern secretbox construction from libsodium for encryption and verification. Your devices are identified by hash of their public key. Security architecture guarantees forward secrecy.

Low latency

Husarnet is secure, private and … very fast. Think about it — if your devices are connected to the IoT platform, even if they are in the same network, the traffic needs to leave your network, travel to the servers located sometimes thousands miles away just to come back to the devices couple of meters apart. Such a waste of time! Husarnet-connected devices communicate with each other directly, through an optimal (in terms of latency) way in the network. Latency is low, and data rate is high.

It works with your existing software

Current Husarnet build provides only a Linux client. When you setup your Husarnet network and have, let’s say two linux based computers/servers/robots, with hostnames: “mylaptop”, and “myrobot”, they behave like they were in the same LAN network and instead of IP address, as it would be normally done, you can use just their hostnames. For example, to connect your laptop through SSH to your robot you simply type in the terminal:

To ping your robot, execute this command:

You use standard Linux tools together with Husarnet! Husarnet provides totally transparent layer for your operating system. It works on operating system level, so can be used with existing software setup you have in your system. It’s dead simple — now your devices can be in two different places on the Earth, and they see each other like they were in the same Wi-Fi network.

Other platforms

Microcontroller and Android SDK will be released soon after Husarnet launch. Even simple, microcontroller based device will be connected peer-to-peer to your Husarnet network. Husarnet is written using modern programming techniques in C++. The code is highly optimized at runtime level and has small footprint allowing it to be ported even for devices with a little memory and computing power.

Be among the first users of Husarnet

We believe that Husarnet will bring a new quality to the world of connected devices. Your devices can be connected on your own terms, without any central operator who can have an access to what you are sending. Instead of feeding “big data” databases of IoT platform providers, becoming more and more dependent on them, your devices can be free. And so can you.

Husarnet is what your robot, connected factory and drone swarm wants.

Visit, set up your free account and see for yourself.

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Dominik Nowak

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CEO of Husarion, robotics & embedded software enthusiast.

Husarion Blog

Husarion provides hardware, software and cloud platform for fast robot prototyping & development