KKU Orientation for International Students

Dear All,
International Relations Division is organizing “International Student Orientation”. On behalf of International Relations Division, we would like to invite KKU new students attending International Student Orientation which will be held on Friday 19th Aug. at 08.30 a.m.- 16.00 p.m. and Saturday 27th Aug. at 08.30 a.m. — 16.00 p.m. For more information, please see attachment.
Please make the registration as the below link

P.S. All new students MUST attend this activity.
19 August 2016 at 08.30 a.m. — 16.30 p.m., Graduate Meeting Room, 4th Floor, Bimala Kalakicha Building.

27 August 2016 at 08.30 a.m. — 16.00 p.m. Graduate Meeting Room, 4th Floor, Bimala Kalakicha Building and around the campus

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