Bounty contributions finalized

The bounty program has finished and has been finalized. We thank all participants for their valuable contributions and spreading the word. Stay up to date with the latest developments at by following our social media channels.

Stake exchange rates

Total amount of tokens distributed: 1,498,306. The following exchange rates have been used for conversion of different types of stakes for HUS tokens:

1 CONTENT stake = 35 HUS
1 SOCIAL MEDIA stake = 3 HUS
1 SIGNATURE stake = 170 HUS
1 TRANSLATION stake = 65 HUS

You can see your HUS balance after logging in to your account at Token distribution is planned for Q1 2019. Token price in a main token sale will be 1 HUS = $0.36.

Tokens will be sold also after the public token sale to end-users for a fixed retail price: 1 HUS = $0.50.

Tokens can be spent directly on platform (recommended) or possibly sold on a public exchange service if you are not interested to participate in escorting industry.