Why I’m Not Releasing an eBook Today (and what I decided to do instead)

by Brendan Hufford

For the past two months, I’ve been working day and night to publish an ebook on what I believe to be the first big obstacle entrepreneur dads encounter: finding time to work.

With a wife, kids, church, a day job, and a million other things pulling you apart, finding an extra 10 hours per week to work could be life-changing.

It has been for me, and I wanted to give that freedom to others.

So I spent hours typing into Google docs, then formatting it, and making sure the PDF looks just right. The colors, the white space, the typography.

I made sure the content was action packed and super valuable.

It looked amazing, actionable, and fifteen other positive buzzwords.

But something felt off.

And whenever you create a product, whether that’s a blog post, podcast episode, an ebook or a course, you have to ask yourself one essential question:

What problem am I solving here?

And since I had that answer, since I knew the problem it solved for my audience/readers/friends, I felt like everything should feel right…

but it still didn’t.

The Real Problem

Finally, after a chat with my mastermind, I concluded that there were three reasons that the project just didn’t feel right to me:

1. The pricing structure didn’t meet my goals

I originally conceived selling this ebook as a ‘Bump Sale’ where the first person would get it for $1 and the second person for $2 with the price increasing with every customer.

And I still love that pricing structure, but so many things could go wrong with it. For instance:

The people who get the product first may not value it because they got it for next to nothing. Then, when it sells like gangbusters, the people who get it last might feel like they drastically overpaid for it.

The chance of the price point hitting a perfect amount where the people who get it first know they got a great value and those who buy it last also feel that way is unlikely.

I made this graph in MS Paint, just for you. I’m not sure it makes any sense, however.

2. The format didn’t meet my goals

Ebooks are best for traffic and lead generation — neither of which are goals for this project.

And it’s just a freaking PDF. Do I really want to cash in on my audience charging them $20+ for a pdf?


I can load it up with the most amazing things in the world, but it’s still just a PDF.

It was like putting $30,000 worth of parts in my Nissan Versa. No matter what, I could never sell it for what it was worth.

If I’m going to charge what this information is worth to you, I’m going to deliver 10x that value.

And I just can’t do that with an ebook.

So I decided to do something bigger.

What started as this…

became this:

Why a course, Brendan?

Simply, because a course allows me to do both things that an ebook doesn’t!

While it does cost more than it’s ‘ebook superhero origin story,’ (if that’s not a thing, it is now), it allows me to deliver 10x the value. Such as:

  • Video Lessons
  • Video ‘Sub-lessons’
  • Downloadable PDFs for each lesson
  • I can see where people are getting ‘stuck’ in the course and help them
  • The ability to use my favorite online course platform, Teachery.co
  • Fully responsive — Amazing on your phone, tablet, or desktop

If you’re a chronic link-clicker, like me, you’ve probably already seen the sales page for Productivity Fundamentals (I linked it a few times earlier in the article).

If you already checked it out and came back to read more, we just became best friends.

If not, click here, it’s definitely worth a look.

Especially the Frequently Asked Questions, Fast Action Bonus, and Discounted Price.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and having you join me in the course!