Why I quit my 9–5 in 2020 to become a full-time Freelance Writer

The real reasons that motivated me to take the biggest risk of my life.

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4 min readDec 31, 2020


I’ve always dreamt of entering the Big 4 companies in the Consulting world. I was the type of person who kept my phone and laptop wallpaper as the logos of all the major companies I wanted to work in. I had an entire vision board containing snippets of interviews of people who have made it big in the corporate world. I’ve seen company tour videos so many times and tried to connect with the various employees on LinkedIn.

Could you blame me? After all, I was a girl with a clear vision.

Writing has always been my passion. From school magazines to college newspapers and now Medium, writing raw, real, and informative content has always been my form of expression. But I never took myself and my writing seriously. So when the pandemic hit, I was forced to sit and think about what exactly I wanted from life, and after multiple Pros and Cons lists, I was convinced that Freelancing is the way to go.

Here are the major points that ranked high on my pro-Freelancing list:

1. Everything and everyone is going Online

With the rise of the pandemic, the entire world had to pause, sit back, and adjust to the “new normal”. This included all businesses and institutions. We went from meetings at the conference room to sending Zoom links. In-person interviews became “send me your video-profile”. The need and demand for quality Content Writers and Digital Marketers have exploded over the past six months, and I wanted to tap into this. Corporate companies realized the need to have better websites and prominent Social Media pages. The time to take action was NOW.

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2. Freelancing meant Freedom to Choose

I was the type to go hard and all-in when it came to my work and the same applies to my writing. I always wish to use my complete potential and give my all to any piece of content. Marketing myself as a Freelance Content Writer gave me the ability and freedom to pick and choose the projects I wish to work on. I didn’t want to be tied to a single company and freelancing gave me that much-needed privilege and liberation to be the one in charge.

3. Quality Content is Rare and Valued

Not everybody can become a good Content Writer and in this world, it’s easy to differentiate between a good piece of writing and a bad one. Writers who produce quality, meaningful content have become a rarity, and the need for one is now more than ever! With companies and business owners recognizing the need for great website and Social Media content, a writer and digital marketer will be in demand, almost always.

4. I was tired of the Rat-Race

The average man spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime according to a study by Andrew Naber from Gettysburg College. Basically, you are dedicating one-third of your life to your work. Once I let the numbers sink in, it truly made me stop and introspect about my actions and future. I realized that if I wanted to dedicate one-third of my life to anything, I wanted to be happy and content while doing so. Somehow, at that time, happiness was not synonymous with my life-long dream of making it big in the corporate world. I didn’t want my true passion and potential to go unseen just because I spend the majority of my day trying to become better and better in a glass building full of people trying to run the same rat race.

5. The Prospect of Global Reach

Being my own boss, and having a choice on which projects to select also gives me the freedom to choose my clients. Freelancing meant my clientele could be on a global scale, and that excited me. I didn’t have to confine myself to a particular area, city, or country. The idea of having a worldwide audience who are ready to consume your content made my passion seem much bigger than just a pastime. I finally understood the full potential and reach writing carried.

6. One Skill, Many Opportunities

I have started advertising myself as a Content Writer on various platforms. What does this mean for me in terms of work prospects? Writing is that one essential skill that could open multiple doors in terms of opportunities. For example, I could contribute to a company’s blog, write content for a Social Media Influencer’s Instagram account, or even help write professional emails for your lead-generation. The options are endless.


Freelancing is a step anybody can take, be it as a side-hustle, as a pastime,or even convert it into their full-time job. The above points were some of the reasons that motivated me to see the existing potential in this field.

Hi there! I’m Sharadha, a Freelance Content Writer and Digital Marketer, and I write about Freelancing, Marketing, Case Study analysis, and trends in the corporate world. Do follow my space for more such content.



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