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A league of their own. Why is sport so significant for Huuuge?

Man does not live by games alone, and we understand that very well at Huuuge! Cycling, running, and swimming are all very popular sports among our employees. We are well aware that taking care of yourself and having an active lifestyle have a great, positive effect on your professional life. This was one of the reasons behind our recent Huuuge Health Month initiative, created in reference to International Health Day which is celebrated all over the world.

Good for the body, good for the soul…

During the Huuuge Health Month celebration, which kicked off in April, we combined physical activity with charitable support. The Huuuge team were tasked with burning as many calories as possible during the month to earn cash for charity. It didn’t matter what activity they chose, various sports and other physical activities such as dancing or even simply walking were on offer. Participants data was collated and logged via a partnership with the Worksmile platform which supported us technologically by aggregating results from popular training applications. The higher the calories burned the higher the donation, a real win, win situation.

In true ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ style, the Huuuge team got a sweat on and contributed 25,000 PLN to the Polish Center for International Aid Foundation. A charity that actively helps people who are suffering from the war in Ukraine through psychological assistance.

Throughout the month, we shared tips and recordings from specialists such as trainers and nutritionists to help the team maximize their efforts. Some of the most popular topics included home exercise suggestions and nutritional support of physical activity. The goal was simple: we wanted our team to be fully clued up on how to eat and train properly.

Additionally, we engaged trainers on site in our offices, as an opportunity for the Huuuge team to become acquainted with proper exercise techniques face to face. Aside from being a great way to stay fit, the team had an opportunity to train together and get to know each other better. A fact not lost on our team:

I hang out with my friends and play tennis instead of going for a coffee or a drink. It’s a great way to catch up on your peers while exercising,” says Anne Maria Tulonen-Ruikka, Studio Operations Manager from Helsinki. Adam Radoliński, Creative Manager summed it up with these words: “In everyday life understanding, partnership and cooperation — they work perfectly based on the sport team spirit”.

Tips from the Huuuge team on how to stay physically active

Gaming is often referred to as a stationary activity — and many gamers do indeed lead a rather sedentary lifestyle. At Huuuge we not only take pride in producing and publishing mobile games that can be pretty much played everywhere, but also in having many sport enthusiasts among us.

“From the perspective of several years of training, I am convinced that investing in sport is one of the best things that have happened in my life.” said Marcin Safranow, IT and Security Director, who is also a passionate marathon runner. “Physical activity helps me clear my mind, get away from daily life and my routine at work. By playing sports, I recharge my batteries. It always gives me a different perspective on each, sometimes difficult situation,” adds Katarzyna Grybalow, Regional Administration Manager.

At Huuuge, we try to motivate our employees to be physically active, because we know very well that the old Latin phrase “a healthy mind in a healthy body” works perfectly in practice. An active person is calm, relaxed and full of energy. What’s more, an oxygenated mind has more ideas and copes better with problems, not only in professional but in personal life as well.

In our industry, we mainly work seated. It is either in front of a computer or during meetings with coworkers. We naturally lack time in the fresh air and in motion. Huuuge encourages us to be physically active and relax outside in many ways: from events and meetings held at our locations, through financed participation in sports events (e.g. Poland Business Run or marathons), to organizing a health month.” — said Marta Andreasik, PR Manager at Huuuge.

It doesn’t matter what sport you play. Every calorie burn or the fact that you move even a little — they all count! Sports activity is beneficial for your health and overall well-being. Take care of yourself every day, not only during the health month.

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