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In 2021 Team Huuuge delivered many milestones and when we sum-up the progress & achievements we delivered this is how the 2021 track record looks like.

Global IPO- Largest EU based mobile gaming IPO — WSE Debut

In Feb 2021 we entered the WSE with our debut being the largest IPO of a gaming company in Poland and the biggest IPO of a mobile gaming company in Europe. After the December revision of WSE indexes, Huuuge replaced Playway in WIG-Games index.

New Casual Hit Puzzle Franchise — Traffic Puzzle

In April, we completed our biggest M&A transaction to-date: Traffic Puzzle, expanding into the high-growth casual games segment. The game was previously in our publishing portfolio, so we had time to closely get to know it, so the decision was carefully considered. The game is currently our third largest in terms of revenue title and has a great growth potential.

Huuuge Casino goes more social -> introducing Huuuge Conquest

In Dec 2021 we introduced Huuuge Conquest to some of our players, which turns the Billionaire’s League to a more social fun experience and your feedback so far has been tremendously encouraging, hence we are in process of releasing Huuuge Conquest to everyone now early 2022. []

New titles -> more Build more Publishing

We continue to invest in building our future pipeline and actively expand Huuuge Network by expanding first and 3rd-party game and product development & strategic game publishing, as well as investing in studios and games.

In 2021 we signed four publishing deals and are very excited about their development.

Specific new games that delivered great signs of future success in 2021 were:

  • Gatherers — real-time, cross-platform social co-op shooter game that we are super excited about. We will soon share more details of the early access and a lot will happen in 2022 in Gatherers. []
  • Rogue Land — named ‘Best Competitive’ by Google Play’s Best of 2021. The game that takes us on a journey through the land field with untold treasures, dungeons and adventures hidden at every corner. In 2022 we will make Rogue Land more social and plan to introduce multiplayer gameplay experience.
  • Brink of Mayhem — finally there is a fast-paced super fun mobile first-person shooter & team sports that we all can enjoy :) so what we are working on is a fun real time multiplayer game called Brink of Mayhem — now in early access in some countries and so far the feedback coming from the players has been highly encouraging and we have strong conviction on our long term vision where to take the game- stay tuned for more Mayhem to come!

Huuuge future — expansion to Web3 era

Since Huuuge’s story started 20 years ago, we have always had the strategic insight to explore and create new ways to produce amazing games and how to distribute and expand our business to entertain new audiences. This is part of our DNA and we are very excited now in 2022 to grow & expand Huuuge by embracing Web3 and Blockchain technologies.

How we do it is by building & shipping new experiences that offer additional layers of fun and extend the gameplay with new entertainment and social concepts made possible thanks to use of NFTs and tokens.

Web3 era has already started and the gaming industry is the early adopter. We plan to be in the forefront of this new frontier using everything we’ve learned so far coupled with a passion to learn & create new with the possibilities enabled by the Blockchain/Web3 ecosystem. This is very closely aligned with our long term mission to empower global audiences to play together and as the technological landscape evolves fast we are very excited to expand our offering taking advantage of the latest developments. What all this actually means is that in 2022 we will be releasing our first Blockchain/Web3/NFTs/Tokens/Play-to-Ean games and you can expect to hear more from us soon!

Anton Gauffin CEO of Huuuge



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