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Introducing Trendy Time — the new stylish feature in Huuuge Casino

We’re very proud of Huuuge Casino, it’s our flagship franchise and one of the biggest social casino games in the world. Every day fans from across the world play along with their friends and join our rich and growing community of players. One of the main reasons our players love Huuuge Casino so much is because it offers a real-time social experience that evolves with new features and events, which as its popularity shows, keep gamers engaged and coming back for more.

Knowing what our players look for and expect, the team behind Huuuge Casino recently designed a very special new feature — one might say its tailor-made!

Introducing Trendy Time, a fashion-themed event which recently launched in August this year. If you missed it, then don’t worry — this event is a recurring one, taking place every 2 to 3 weeks, and lasting up to 3 days.

Let’s check it out and see if it’s chic enough to make a long-lasting style statement in the mobile gaming world.

Collect them all

Trendy Time consists of various cosmetics, which are a part of Huuuge Charms, a mid-term, seasonal event. Players previously had a chance to collect similar items during the Charms Madison’s Farm — another limited-time event that launched in May and also added new charm packs to Huuuge Casino.

The new Trendy Time items can be collected by spinning, leveling up, or purchasing them in-game and each player can collect up to 10 charms grouped in one set. Each set follows a specific theme depending on the time the event is hosted — the first two were Swingin’ 50 and Jungle Madness. We won’t spoil the next few themes, but we are sure they will be as colorful, diverse, and enticing as the last ones.

What’s encouraging is that the more you play and level up, the more rare and sought-after charms you will receive. Players are able to purchase the Trendy Time charms too, allowing them to progress quickly with the challenges if they wish. Those who complete the whole set will win a very special prize in the form of the Grand Reward.

Meet the fashionistas

You are not alone in the search for new objects to collect in Trendy Time. Players on this quest are accompanied by some very well-dressed students of Huuuge Academy: their leader Victoria (any comparisons with a famed British designer and former pop singer are spot on), Californian girl Tami with a penchant for pink, Dre, who sports an Athleisure style, Fran, whose style is the epitome of vacation chic, as funny as he is stylish Aarav, and Jada the dancer.

These gorgeous fashion students are as passionate about their craft, as they are — pun intended — fashionably late, hence their collections being at risk of failure before they even hit the runway. This is where you as the player step in. By finding and gathering various items from their collections, you can help them achieve their couture dreams, all while receiving amazing rewards. Sounds like a win-win but make it fashion!

Psychology of collecting

A love of style is not the only inspiration behind the Trendy Time event, our team looked to tap into something innate to human behavior — our drive to collect things. Did you know that according to a recent academic study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, about 40% of US households engage in some form of collecting activity? It is no wonder this common behavior has migrated over to the virtual world, even if the objects aren’t physical, they are still able to invoke feelings of strong attachment and need. To put it simply, gamers like to collect new items, and the more varied, the better.

Lena Rejzner, our Director of Product said it best: “We believe collectables are proven motivators for our players to stay with the game. The success of Trendy Time confirmed that — over 440 000 users participated in the event. We are thrilled the fanbase is embracing our charms. There are more surprises in store, so look forward to more fancy items to find and collect!“


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