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Penn’s Passage — The Magical Experience of a Huuuge Mini-game

One of the main pillars of Huuuge Casino has always been creating fun, social, and entertaining games. Penn’s Passage does just that. Our newly introduced mini-game allows players to take on an adventure to uncover hidden treasures with a young wizard named Penn. As the player’s companion, he tells the story of this magical world and provides hints, but he cannot make the journey on his own. This is where you come in.

A game inside a game

Our new mini-game is an internal addition to Huuuge Casino, where we aim to diversify the player experience. Penn’s Passage was designed to let players easily jump into something different than the regular gameplay. Players have one free entry to the game during the tutorial, but after that, they’ll need to earn access through the usual gameplay.

The game has every possible reward and works as a boosted progression source for the player’s personal goals in HC. Explorers, fun chasers, and achievers — whether hunting for charm packs, more lottery tickets, or maybe more chips, they can find everything inside Penn’s Passage. We don’t want to limit our players to just one play style or linear progression. Players should be free to choose what they want to focus on during their sessions. That could be getting the last sets finished at the end of the charm season, wanting to help their club mates in a club event to gain more chips, or just completing that last lottery puzzle. Because Penn’s Passage offers a richness of rewards, players are encouraged to explore the world on their own.

Lend Penn a helping hand

The main story is not connected to Billy and Betty from Huuuge Casino. Instead, it introduces new characters: the aforementioned wizard, Penn, whom you accompany throughout his journey, and your opponent — a treasury-stealing Troll. He doesn’t want to go through all the hustle of finding the treasure, so he lurks behind closed doors and waits for an opportunity to get his hands on the player’s trove. He is not evil, though. Just a bit mischievous. The Troll’s character and animations were designed to induce laughter, especially when seeing his humorous reactions to having a magical potion thrown at him. Dealing with a Troll — a literal one — is one of the many ways you can help your loyal companion Penn on your mutual quest to obtain rewards. And it’s quite hilarious and entertaining to boot.

A brand-new way to get familiar with the game

In Penn’s Passage, players are presented with a defined number of options, being offered various possibilities down the road. Successful choices mean earning a reward, while others can lead to encounters with the previously mentioned Troll, who is on the prowl to steal valuable treasures.

We introduced a new type of gaming mechanic that will expand the player’s experience, one that we have not enabled in Huuuge Casino, but which we would like to further promote. It features a new approach to player onboarding. Instead of displaying all the rules in a wall of text, we take our players on a small step-by-step journey that slowly eases them into the dos and don’ts of the game.

Great teams get it done

The game was a multi-department effort. Game Economy and Business Analytics, Art/Animation and Development, and CRM Art and LiveOps teams worked arm in arm to bring Penn’s Passage to life.

Alicja Golianek, Product Owner, says, “I had a great team to work with on this game and every phase went very smoothly. One of the main goals for the team was to ensure that we stay aligned and consistent.”

The future is bright

Our players embraced the game in a big way — their reactions were enthusiastic and we couldn’t be happier about it. It’s now obvious to us that these types of mini-games are in demand. We would like to create new ways of winning rewards, such as introducing additional locations.

Join us in helping Penn explore this charming world on his quest to find treasures and enjoy the freedom of choice in your playthroughs. But beware of Trolls!

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