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The power of Playing Together.

We firmly believe that playing together is more fun and productive than playing alone. This belief is very clearly present in our Culture Code that puts emphasis on learning all the time both as individuals, as well as a team of teams. Continuously pulling this off with our growing scale and size is a challenge in and of its own, one that we do not take lightly. That’s why, we make sure that we do things that truly make us special every day.

Going from a relatively small company where nearly everyone knew each other to an extent to industry mainstay has been a challenge when it came to communication. Having teams be aligned within and with each other is crucial in our mission to empower billions of people to play together. But letting people know what’s going on in the company at various levels also became much harder when we became spread out across the globe. Now having a global presence and 10 offices around the world we know that we have to do more than a regular company would do, and that’s just what we do. Here’s a look at what we did last summer.

The Huuuge Academy 2019

A few months ago, we’ve gathered our entire team of 500+ people in Świnoujście, a beautiful coastal resort on the Polish-German border and took over the local amphitheatre to tell all of #TeamHuuuge about what’s going on in the company as a part of a knowledge and competence building initiative that features training sessions, e-learning and summits.

Over several hours, leaders from across the company showcased their departments’ work, shared key learnings from both successes and failures, highlighting that every single thing we do in our business is a learning opportunity. We’ve also made sure to introduce some brand new initiatives aimed at making Huuuge a perfect workplace.

Following our little organizational sync, we got to the fun part, including product decks for existing products such as Huuuge Casino, Billionaire Casino, Stars Slots as well as the wildly successful Huuuge newcomer, Traffic Puzzle and some secret projects we cannot quite tell you about yet. We capped it all off with some special recognition awards for our 10-year Huuuge veterans along with an awesome trivia session where everyone present competed and had fun together all while showing off their knowledge of Huuuge.

While Huuuge Academy concluded, our weekend on the beautiful seaside didn’t. Since our Secret Sauce is Having Fun, we took over the Beach and local Radisson Hotel in a series of amazing parties, starting with an evening hangout by the coast and followed by a whole day filled with attractions on both land and sea!

We consider the initiative extremely successful, as it enabled people from different teams to interact, team build and share knowledge more than they ever did before. We’re confident that these efforts will make our team happier, more secure and more satisfied in the long run.

Now that we’ve had time to review our key learnings from the two events, we are glad to say that we aim to continue the mission of the Huuuge Academy by further building our Team’s competences. We want to always #LearnTogether & #PlayTogether, since doing so is the only way to achieve our mission to empower billions of people to play together. Want to help us out? Check out our openings and publishing opportunities and join us!



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