Introducing Hvper Pro

When I switched on ads on Popurls back in the days, it took about one minute for the first email to arrive. And it sounded like this:

Nice ads, asshole.

Ten years later, ads are still a disruptive experience but web economics have matured and sites & services no longer have to be ashamed for charging a few bucks to keep the lights burning.

Hvper Pro to the rescue

In order to maintain the current experience of Hvper while enhancing the site with new features, I’m introducing Hvper Pro — A membership program that comes with the following extravagant features:

No Ads and a faster experience
Premium dark theme
Double the amount of news stories
Priority when you submit a story
Most popular stories via daily email (Soon)
Profound gratitude from @thomas

The Pro dark theme, looking good while prepping dinner.

In order to upgrade to Pro, all you need to do is sign in with any existing account right here and hit the subscribe button. The launch price for Hvper Pro is $3.50/month or $30/year. Additional features will roll out over time.