Popurls is now HVPER.COM >>>

Thomas Marban
Aug 5, 2017 · 2 min read

POPURLS is Dead — Here comes HVPER

Read the News Like it’s 2006


At the peak of the Web 2.0 craze, I created Popurls, a simple news aggregator that emerged as a popularity phenomenon and became the paradigm for thousands of clones and part-time occupation for famous copycats. After a nice and long ride, Popurls got acquired by a Startup Incubator but eventually fell off the radar for strategic reasons. At that time Facebook and Twitter had become the new firehose and infotainment monsters, eating the news industry without respite. But despite all prophecies of social gatekeepers and way more advanced news-reading apps, people kept nagging me how much they liked the original idea of a quick, non-personalised, anti-social and unfiltered news time sink.
The endless river is the message.

News feeds are great


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