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hybrix | Feature Friday 26 februari

Every week we highlight a hybrix feature. You can take a look at other features over here.

This weeks feature: Review transactions

Check, check, double check.

Our wallet 2.0 now offers an extensive review-before-you-send overview.

Besides showing the amount, target, fees it also helps you prevent common, perhaps costly, mistakes when sending funds.

It warns if you’ve accidentally entered your own address (as copy paste errors do happen), warns if you’ve entered a perhaps too low custom fee and shows a list of your pending transactions to prevent double spends. And even offers an advanced option to inspect te raw transaction.

The overview also shows you any messages you may have attached to the transaction, more on this in a later feature update. Little things that help to make blockchain accessible.

And even offers an advanced option to inspect te raw transaction.

Be sure before you send.

Let us know what you think!

Saving you from fat fingers.

“Go and try it out!”

Do you want a white labeled wallet in the branding of your favorite token? Together we adopt as many communities. Start building together, hybrix!




hybrix, the multi-blockchain platform that empowers freedom of transaction

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