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hybrix | Feature Friday 2nd Of April

Every week we highlight a hybrix feature. This week we dive into:

Improved navigation, custom fees and the address book

Improved navigation

Privacy friendly url navigation lets you easily browse through our wallet, pick up where you left, share perma links quickly and go where you want to go quicker.

Go check it out!

The underlying engine even enables the creation of login by QR code to create user paper wallets to store your credentials offline.

This routing engine provides powerful features and supports extending the wallet with modules. (dApps) all securely wrapped in our deterministic client side approach. Your keys remain your keys.

Advanced options to initialize wallets with specific assets already added offer interesting features for white labeling and customized wallets.

Contact us to learn more!

Set custom fee

The send interface now contains an advanced option to enter a custom specified fee. Use with caution as a too low fee can prevent your transaction from being accepted by the chain and a too high fee can be, well, costly.

Enter name of contact instead of address

The send interface helps you while you type, recognizing the names and addresses of your contacts to make suggestions. Type less and more error proof.

“Go and try it out!”

Do you want a white labeled wallet in the homestyle of your favorite token? Together we adopt as many communities. Start building together, hybrix!



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