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hybrix Feature Friday | July 2nd

This week we will take a look in something a bit different than usual. We want to take a look at one of the most unique features that hybrix wallet has to offer.

You can add custom functionalities to your hybrix wallet. These functions can be added by so called modules, that you can integrate into your wallet. This is a bit technical so you have to know your way around with JavaScript, Qrtz (hybrix scripting language) and Github. However, with some practise of these principles the possibilities are endless!

It all has to do with the open source character of the wallet’s core: the hybrixd daemon. We would love to make everything that you would like to see in a wallet and therefore we have designed it in such a way that anyone can customize it. If you like the hybrix project and have built a cool new functionality you could push it to Github and the hybrix developers will check your code to see if it can be included in the public wallet.

Together we are able to design the future. Not only from our own “hybrix bubble” but also with your creativity. We’d love to collaborate and decentralize the way digital finance works, to build it to work the way we believe it was intended by Satoshi: for the people, by the people.

Want to know more about making your own modules? Check out our documentation over at: api.hybrix.io If there’s anything you cannot find there, come and talk to us on Telegram and we’ll do our best to help you build your hybrix application!



hybrix, the multi-blockchain platform that empowers freedom of transaction

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