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hybrix feature friday | May 28th

Every week we highlight a hybrix feature. This week we dive into:

Linking wallets by exporting private keys

We believe everyone must be able to choose their tools of preference and for example have the freedom to decide which wallet they want to use for their digital finance. We know the benefits of the hybrix wallet: non-custodial, deterministic, open source, secure, swapping possibilities and the power to hold all kinds of tokens on many chains.

Still, perhaps you need other services that are not available on hybrix (yet), or simply like to use another wallet. For this we have added an export button to every asset so you can use your assets in any other wallet.

• Use multiple wallets to control one adress: The benefit of this is that you can use the hybrix wallet and the other wallet simultaneously, without the need to make unnecessary transactions which brings extra costs. This effectively ties the two wallets together via the asset’s private key.
• More features: It gives you the freedom to use all features that other wallets have, next to what hybrix offers.
• Complete control: no need to jump through pesky KYC hoops to quickly manage your assets.

• Security considerations: there may be a security risk to exporting your keys, so be 100% certain that you trust the non-hybrix wallet and that you know what you are doing. Never share your private keys with anyone! This could cause you to lose your assets.

How does exporting your wallet address work?

For this example we will take Trust wallet.

  1. Get your private key
    If you already have an account on trust wallet, you can go to your hybrix wallet and go to your asset page. Here you will find the export button. When you select it, you can either choose to copy your private key or to show it. When you choose to show your private key it presents you a QR code with your credentials.
  2. Import your key
    When you go to you trust wallet and choose add wallet you can choose Wallet connect and scan the QR code. Make sure that you either have selected an multi coin wallet or the chain of your preference.
  3. Use the combined wallets
    Voila! Your address is now accessible from both wallets. This is one of the benefits of having your own address so no need for boundaries.

This is one of the examples true freedom of transactions means. You are the one that has the power to choose your way.

Want even more power? Visit www.hybrix.io for more tips,tricks and tools to transact the way you want.



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