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hybrix feature friday | May 7th

Every week we highlight a hybrix feature. This week we dive into: Qrtz multi-ledger programming language

Besides using the wallet you can use Qrtz to build applications. This way you can dive into the world of decentralized development, no matter if you are an entry level developer or an experienced veteran. When it comes to the multi-ledger programming there is much room to discover the endless features of Qrtz.

Over at api.hybrix.io/help/qrtz you can read about all the available Qrtz commands, what they do and how the scripting language works.

Download our node, and you could be running your own script in minutes.

A snippet of the documentation

Qrtz is the processing language for hybrixd. It is used to handle routing requests. Each routing request spawns a process that follows Qrtz steps to a result, or a failure. A Qrtz command always consists of 4 characters. The parameters are separated by spaces:

A Qrtz command always consists of 4 characters. The parameters are separated by spaces:

head parameter1 parameter2 …

Data flow
Every step in a Qrtz recipe has the potential to alter the data of the process in which the script is running. Process data is available by using the dollar sign $. It is also available as input to every new process step. It behaves like a variable in Qrtz in that it can be read anywhere. However, the difference with a variable is that the data of the process can be changed by every step of the process. The design consideration is that this coaxes you to design your Qrtz script with a concise data flow in mind.

Here is an example of some Qrtz steps and the resulting data flow.

data 'Hello dog!' // 'Hello dog!' — set data of the process
drop -4 // 'Hello '— drops the last 4 characters
repl ' ' 'world!' // 'Hello world!' — replaces the space

To try this example on your own node, save the Qrtz script to a file called test.qrtz. Make sure the first line starts with /main . Your script should then look like this.

data 'Hello dog!'
drop -4
repl ' ' ' world!'

Now run your Qrtz script with the interpreter like this.

./qrtz test.qrtz

Congratulations! You have just written your first Qrtz script!

Feeling like a pro?

You can add your modules to the open source hybrix code. Visit our github to make hybrix even more open, secure and free.

Do you want a white labeled wallet in the branding of your favorite token? Together we adopt as many communities. Start building together, hybrix!



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