Mark Tebbe, former CEO/Chairman, Lante

HPA Monthly Entrepreneur Resource Round-Up: August

The top 5 stories and resources for early-stage entrepreneurs from HPA

Every month, we curate the best of our hand-crafted, entrepreneur-focused resources just for you. Read on for our top five entrepreneur essentials from August.

1) The New HPA Website
We listened to your comments, questions, and needs, and in response, we’ve crafted dozens of new videos, nearly one hundred blog resources, and countless infographics and member profiles to provide you with actionable tools, which now all live on the new HPA website.

2) How to Understand Your Customer and Build a Viable Business
In collaboration with ChicagoInno, we interviewed Mark Tebbe ­– the original founder, CEO, and Chairman of Lante Corporation, which after going public was sold and became Razorfish, and the founder and Chairman of — to learn how early-stage entrepreneurs can turn their ideas into successful companies.

3) HPA New Investment Series: Quikly
We spoke with Corey Ferengul, former CEO of Undertone, and Shawn Gellar, CEO of Quikly, to talk about our recent investment in the company. They break down how the fundraising process works, and what it takes to be a successful adtech company in today’s market.

4) Why Cap Tables Matter: Ownership, Control, and Exit Values
This quick-read guide on founder ownership takes you through what cap tables mean for ownership and control, as well as how to calculate your own returns.

5) The New HPA Newsletter
We didn’t just launch a new website; we launched a new newsletter, too. Twice a month, get our newest videos, blogs, event updates, and more delivered right to your inbox.

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