Susan Whiting, former Vice Chair, Nielsen

HPA Monthly Entrepreneur Resource Round-Up: October

The top 5 stories and resources for early-stage entrepreneurs from HPA

Every month, we curate the best of our hand-crafted, entrepreneur-focused resources just for you. Read on for our top five entrepreneur essentials from October.

1) How to Set Up Vesting Shares with Co-Founders
When a founding team starts a business, the members have to ask themselves a critical question: how should we make sure they divide the value of the company fairly? There are many ways to do this, but often the simplest is to structure the initial shares as vesting. Read this for our complete guide to what vesting shares and how to use them.

2) How to Build Your Strongest Board of Directors
Susan Whiting — serial Board Member on both startups and publicly traded companies and former Vice Chair of Nielsen — shares her advice on how early-stage entrepreneurs can build the best boards and manage them effectively once they’re established in this exclusive video for HPA.

3) Why You Should Love the Problem Over the Product
Jai Shekhawat (Founder of Fieldglass) explains the single most important factor in winning over your competitors and acquiring customers: identifying the right problem and sticking with it over everything else.

4) Inside HPA’s Investment in TransparentCareer
We spoke with HPA Leader Joe LaManna and TransparentCareer’s Founder and CEO Mitch Kirby to gain insights into how an HPA investment gets done from the folks who made it happen, as well as how early-stage entrepreneurs can pick the right investors to support their vision, values, and objectives.

5) What It Takes to Build the Best Board of Directors for Your Startup
Susan Whiting, seasoned board member, former Vice Chair of Nielsen and current Hyde Park Angels leader, shared her insights into how good boards are structured and how entrepreneurs can make sure they choose the right board members to grow their companies in this exclusive interview with ChicagoInno as a follow-up to her extremely popular video.

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