Meet The Hydranet Team — Part II

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8 min readMay 10, 2022

We have already presented some members in the first article, but today you will get to know even more! So let's give a round of applause to Beljora, Muppet, and McFinity!

What is your technical/work experience?

Beljora: I’m a Civil Engineer with 7 years of experience managing large projects

Muppet: I have been a Senior Enterprise Account Executive in saas spaces for the past 8 years. My role has been delivering integrated solutions to complex marketing tech stacks. My specialty is probing CxO issues, listening for hidden pain points, and then greasing the rails for solutions

McFinity: Validation Engineer for Big Pharma

What were you doing before you joined the team?

Beljora: I was volunteering to help the project in any little way I could before joining officially. Especially in explaining the technology and the overall vision to the community.

Muppet: In the Discord, I was having fun each day talking to the community and knowing how close the team was to delivery but seeing there was no marketing I started reaching out to Influencers and getting prices and setting up deals. I had so much fun I just kept going with it

McFinity: Trolling; Organizing riots within discord; bullying Victo

How and when did you first learn about Stakenet/Hydranet?

Beljora: I first heard about it in a subreddit specifically about ETH L2 solutions

Muppet: I got in early to crypto. I rode Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Chainlink up, so when Chainlink stalled at 0.3 USD, I went looking for another ride. I found Stakenet through a Biz post in Jan of 2021: “congratulations anon you are not too late.”

McFinity: Back in the good ol’ days, when the McDonalds-Chart has been making waves on the interwebs

When did you join the team and begin active development?

Beljora: Officially when the multisig members were formed, in mid-March.

Muppet: I really started helping in about April of 2021 with Victo. We were both just waiting for this amazing project to take its rightful place in the cryptosphere and wanted to get it started. I started the outreach, and he started the internal shakedown to get attention and money diverted to influencer marketing. I never really stopped, but now that it is more official it is much easier as I can see the leadership thinking so I can better predict timing.

McFinity: I somehow snuck in a few weeks ago and obviously people didn’t notice yet. Right now I’m actively developing a massive hang-over, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

What is your current role in the team?

Beljora: Mostly handling the EVM contract interactions, explanations on EVM-related stuff for the community, and the gitbook

Muppet: Marketing lead. My role is to make sure that we are noticeable, and noticed. My role also stretches to an advisor to the business strategy, my many years as an Account Executive gave me a blueprint for the thinking of a big corporate CxO.

McFinity: It’s complicated… I don’t necessarily want to brag and assert I’d be running the whole place, but you know… I’m somewhat like the Queen of England and stuff: Politics, management, development — all that is boring stuff I don’t have the time to deal with. I rather delegate that to my staff, like Joe, Bel, and Muppet. Only when things go sideways, I sometimes have to intervene and straighten folks out.

What project are you currently working on?

Beljora: Looking at different tokenomics options, and their pros and cons, so we can present those to the community.

Muppet: In terms of the storming, forming, and performing a cycle of a new team we are still firmly in the storming phase. But already we have a new branding guideline so our messages are consistent, listed on CMC and CoinGecko so we can be found, have explored several ideas of partnership, and are looking at grants so we can grow the team, and we are starting to develop a drip campaign strategy of audience engagement so we can start to build awareness of how incredible this project is. For just 3 weeks’ work, it has been a lot of ground to cover.

McFinity: It’s called “Operation Udo” and is a classified, top-secret special delivery operation! I’m also working on a fatty liver, which is going great.

How do you think it will benefit the Hydranet ecosystem?

Beljora: Good tokenomics will make sure devs are paid for their work and investors are rewarded if it’s successful.

Muppet: We are like a Pheonix rising from the ashes right now. So we need to make the bonds attractive again to build some baseline cash flow, we can do this by rebuilding the community trust, and the only way to really do that is to produce results equivalent to that which were promised by the old team.

McFinity: Ask not what I can do for Hydranet, ask what Hydranet can do for ME! I already named my yachts, so… when moon, Hydranet?

How do you feel about the future of crypto? Where do you see it heading in five or ten years?

Beljora: The next big frontier is going to be moving contracts completely to Layer 2, and leaving Layer 1 as a trust layer.

Muppet: NFTs. But not digital art, that is silly. Digital proof of non-fungible ownership. Plane tickets, hotel rooms, concert seats. Then property ownership where record-keeping is oft stolen or corrupted, or maybe even passports in 20 years. And of course, NFT’s that group ownership of a dex product into something that can be traded.

McFinity: It’s not that I wouldn’t *care* about the future of crypto, it’s more like I can’t find the energy to really wrap my head around it. It’s either a full-blown 1984 dystopian nightmare OR the savior of mankind as we know it. But I’m a pessimist, sooo… yolo.

Cryptocurrency is still a very niche field. Do you have any concerns about mainstream adoption?

Beljora: Not really. The economic pressure to use it is just too great; people will use it or be left behind.

Muppet: No. None. It won’t be crypto anarchy though. So our favorite privacy coins will be regulated still and grey markets, however, governments will issue their own stable coins and force us to use those so at tax time you press ‘compile’, and voila, tax is done. Crypto can integrate a government stable coin, and in fact, it might make our DEX even more compatible, only the credit card companies will resist.

McFinity: It’s quite the opposite, I believe we will subliminally get pushed into using crypto which will of course be linked to big tech companies, social credit systems, and KYC policies around the globe. All this noise about “trying to regulate crypto” is most likely controlled opposition — that’s why I believe projects like the HYDRANET DEX are so important.

What role do you see Hydranet playing in the greater crypto ecosystem?

Beljora: We’ll start with the unique feature of bridging BTC and LTC to ETH, but once people are hooked into the ecosystem, I’d want the wallet to become a one-stop-shop for all things crypto — defi securely from a purpose-built wallet application instead of a web browser.

Muppet: Layer 2 adoption. The blockchain is highly secure but it trades speed for security. Layer 2 is fast enough for your coffee, so the little transactions are done with QR code and fast, anything over let’s say $100usd is done on layer 1 — but every country will be different for their own economic scale.

McFinity: Nothing short of the “Defender Of The Last Free People”

What is the toughest challenge you have faced working with crypto thus far?

Beljora: Compared to traditional companies, incentives with crypto projects are very strange. So, trying to restructure that so the right people are incentivized for the right actions has been challenging. There’s a reason companies have formed into the structures that they have, so anything we can do to imitate that is always going to be the best bet.

Muppet: information speed is a modern challenge, but anyone who works in the modern office will be used to the speed of information change by now. Its daily engagement or get left behind.

McFinity: *Buying low, selling high* — It just won’t work somehow…

What is your biggest fear?

Beljora: Heights… even scrolling through pictures and coming across one taken from the sky can make me dizzy.

Muppet: Sharks. Stone cold trashcans with a billion teeth who just don’t care about anything

McFinity: Communism! Other than that? Read the “Missing 411”-series.

What is your favorite smell?

Beljora: Coffee… I’ll walk down the aisle at the grocery store just to smell it.

Muppet: Fresh ground coffee. Coffee first. Definitely.

McFinity: NSFW! Second to that: Unwrapping a brand new yacht!

Which color do you think best represents you, and why?

Beljora: Red… I love Chinese culture where the color red has a lot of importance. I even have an original piece of modern art on my wall called “red”

Muppet: I like the greens and the reds. When I am playing games I am choosing the red guy first.

McFinity: Black, because it’s not a color, it’s the absence of light — just like my soul.

If you had to go blind or deaf, which would you choose?

Beljora: Morbid… Probably deaf, but I’d be devastated to live without music

Muppet: Deaf, but I did do some minor ear damage riding my motorbike with a poorly fitted helmet, so now I wear earplugs using power tools and riding. Look after those eyes and ears people!

McFinity: Deaf — or did you ever *hear* a beautiful woman? Worst case: they all sound annoying, which may be deemed sexist, but you know it’s true.

How well do you think you would fare in a zombie apocalypse?

Beljora: Extremely well… as one of the zombies.

Muppet: World War Z zombies were not great, they were too fast. Brad Pitt got lucky with his friends in the army. Regular Zombies, I would survive by using a shotgun and a local bushcraft textbook.

McFinity: The amount of hours I’ve spent on evaluating that question in my head is outright pathological, so if I’m not going to be patient zero, I’d go out on a limb and call myself ‘Negan’ here, so…

How to survive a zombie apocalypse in 111 words or less — by McFinity:

First, while everyone else is trying to secure stocks, get yourself heavily armed and try to sit out the first weeks of mayhem. When the waves have calmed down, use your innocent looks and well-prepared acting abilities to infiltrate an already well-established and peaceful community, then backstab the leaders and overtake the whole thing with swift brutality. Get rid of potential competitors early on, abandon democracy, establish communism and enforce strict gun control. Force men to work, supervised by feminists. Brace for conflicts, get child soldiers to secure your frontiers, and raid other groups and cities for more slave workers and women of childbearing age. Proceed to repopulate. Easy.

Do you have anything else you would like to share with the Stakenet/Hydranet community?

Beljora: I’ve been amazed by the talent we’ve been pulling out of the community. It’s led to better results than I’ve seen from the project in a long time. I’m looking forward to getting the product out into everyone’s hands. It’s truly something for the community and by the community that we can all be proud of.

Muppet: The dream is alive and well. We are getting it done.

McFinity: Can someone create a McDonalds-vs-Hydranet Chart? Please?

This is most likely not our last ‘Meet The Team’ article, so stay tuned for more.

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