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Solana 2021 in 60 seconds (A visual journey)

The Expanding Solana Ecosystem

In just a year, the Solana ecosystem has completely transformed. The number of projects on Solana is still booming.

Solana ecosystem on March 2021
Solana ecosystem at the end of the year

Milestones Achieved:

With its ultra-fast speed, low latency, and low transaction cost, Solana continues to attract a vibrant DeFi ecosystem.

Solana has experienced 3 hackathons (Solana x Serum Hackathon, Solana Season, Solana Ignition) and 1 offline event — Solana breakpoint). HydraSwap won the best integration award in one of those hackathons. More details here

There has been a strong growth in DEXes and other DeFi DApps which are moving to Solana for its high transaction processing speed, low transaction cost, and very low latency.

The total USDC supply on Solana exceeded 15% of the total USDC supply in the entire market and reached $4.79 billion. USDT also reached $1.89 billion. All of this happened within a year.

The markets were rife with the news about Solana Pay, a platform that will allow digital payments to be made with any stablecoin including the USD Coin (USDC-USD) and merchants being only charged a fraction of a cent per transaction (this was recently launched).

Intrigued and have time? We created a comprehensive infographic just for you. Don’t forget to share.

About HydraSwap

HydraSwap is a Solana DEX powered by an on-chain intelligent and high-performance AMM focused on maximizing the returns for Liquidity Providers. Our vision is to create an AMM that matches the pricing sophistication and returns of specialized market makers.

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HydraSwap is building a next-gen DEX powered by a superior AMM focused on Liquidity Providers. By empowering liquidity providers we will make DEX liquidity CEXy