HOT will begin trading on Huobi HADAX on May 7, 2018

Hydro (HOT) will begin trading on HADAX, offered as BTC and ETH trading pairs

Dear Hydro Community,

Hydro Protocol Token (HOT) will start trading on Huobi HADAX (Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange) on May 7, 2018, at 2:00 pm (GMT+8).


Deposits for HOT is now available from May 6, 2018, at 2:30 pm(GMT+8).


HOT/BTC and HOT/ETH trading pairs will be available on HADAX from May 7, 2018, at 2:00 pm (GMT+8).


Withdrawals will be available from 14:30 May 8, 2018, at 2:30 pm (GMT+8).

Start Trading:

To celebrate the listing of HOT on HADAX, there will be an airdrop for HT holders:

“Huobi HADAX will take a snapshot of HT assets held in users’ accounts on May 7, 2018, at 2:00 pm (GMT+8), and perform an airdrop of 350,000 HOT to HT holders.

The above-mentioned airdrop of 350,000HOT will be divided across HT users proportionately according to their HT holdings. The airdrop will be deposited to the beneficiary HADAX trading account within 7 working days after the snapshot is completed.”

So, what is Hydro?

What is Hydro? :

Note: Hydro Protocol Token (HOT) shares the same token symbol with another token Holo (HOT). We would like to remind users that when depositing, trading or withdrawing HOT, please check the smart contract carefully to avoid any potential loss of your assets.

Hydro Protocol Tokon (HOT):

Contract Address: 0x9af839687f6c94542ac5ece2e317daae355493a1

Symbol: HOT

Decimals: 18

New to Hydro?

Hydro is a network layer protocol for high performance decentralized exchanges and marketplaces with built-in incentives for coordination. Hydro utilizes’Federated Liquidity Pools’ (FLP) to address the issue of liquidity sharing among various decentralized exchanges.

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