Hydro Protocol Weekly Updates | April 30-May 6

Welcome to the very first of our many upcoming hydro weekly updates

Hydro Protocol
May 7, 2018 · 5 min read

Dear Hydro Community,

Welcome to the very first of our many upcoming hydro weekly updates. Going forward, we will continually share progress that our team has been made every week. Thank you all for your support as we grow.

Here is a summary of what we have been working on this past week.

World Digital Asset Summit (“WDAS”) Singapore 2018

World Digital Asset Summit (“WDAS”) Singapore 2018 took place on May 1st — May 3rd. WDAS is an inaugural conference to connect the best-in-class blockchain projects, developers, and investors globally. Its mission is to explore in-depth discussions on “tokenomics” and its burgeoning impact on the traditional economy. Co-founders Tianfang Li and Bowen Wang were invited to attend and to join two panel discussions at the conference. It was a great opportunity for us to introduce The Hydro Protocol to the community and meet many fantastic projects and community leaders. Additionally, we are happy to announce that the Fintech Blockchain Group (FBG) is now a Hydro Protocol investor.

Hydro at WDAS


Bowen Wang joined the DEX panel with Bancor Foundation, Kyber, Republic Protocol, and CoinList. He commented that decentralized relayers such as DDEX empower users to conduct direct wallet-to-wallet trading of cryptocurrencies without requiring a third party to ever hold users’ assets. This allows users to securely trade tokens without having to open an account. There is also a common goal for all decentralized relayers: to make the cryptocurrency trading experience as user friendly as possible. All age groups should be able to use our platform easily including our own grandparents!

Bowen (second from the left) at WDAS DEX Panel with Bancor, Kyber, Republic, and CoinList


World Digital Assets Summit 2018 — Etheremon, Trinity, Hydro Protocol, Decentraland, and Wax (left to right)

Tianfang Li joined another discussion panel focusing on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) with Decentraland, WAX, Ethermoon, and Trinity. He stated that NFTs are another significant form of crypto assets. Both NFT and decentralized relayers are facing similar challenges such as the issues of liquidity and price discovery mechanism. The ‘Federated Liquidity Pools’ (FLP) that Hydro utilizes to address the issue of liquidity sharing among various decentralized exchanges may offer some insights to solve NFTs liquidity problem.

Tianfang Li (second from the right) in Non Fungible Panel with Decentraland, WAX, Trinity, and Ethermon at WDAS in Singapore

DDEX presents at Google

Moving to the U.S.: earlier last week, DDEX/Hydro Director of Operations Scott Winges gave a presentation at Google introducing DDEX and the Hydro Protocol. Scott provided a brief introduction to blockchain basics, what it means to be “decentralized”, and the current state of cryptocurrency economies. As the blockchain industry develops, decentralized relayers/exchanges have gradually showed the tendency to completely change the traditional cryptocurrency trading process. Although currently they only account for a negligible percentage of overall transaction volume in the cryptocurrency market, there is a speculation that decentralized exchanges will be the future.

Scott presenting DDEX at Google

EDCON Community Ethereum Development Conference

Right after the Google’s talk. Scott Winges presented at the 2018 EDCON Community Ethereum Development Conference in Toronto, Canada. EDCON provided an excellent opportunity to improve communication and integration between the various global Ethereum communities. DDEX’s mobile native trading app was demoed as part of the “Super Demo”. We are very excited to officially launch the first mobile decentralized trading app with a limit order setup to the public soon. 10 talented startups and teams working on new projects joined this demo event, showing their products and sharing ideas. It is mind blowing to see all these future game changers!

Our team demonstrated advanced trading features of decentralized exchange such as non-discretionary limit orders with Hydro Protocol.
Scott demoing DDEX’s Mobile Native Trading App at EDCON Superdemo
Scott demoing the mobile-first decentralized exchange as a solution to some of the current problems regarding centralized exchanges.

A DDEX native mobile app preview for you:

Watch 2018 EDCON Community Ethereum Development Conference:

<Scott with DDEX starting at: 6:17:25>

You can see the full talk here: https://youtu.be/NJ9StJThxZY?t=22654

In addition to presenting at EDCON, we had a chance to discuss future developments in the Ethereum blockchain space with tons of different project leads. We are excited to explore opportunities to collaborate with other teams going forward.

Huobi lists Hydro

To conclude our first weekly updates: one more major exchange listed The Hydro Protocol Token (HOT) this week! HOT is now listed on Huobi HADAX. HOT/BTC and HOT/ETH trading pairs are available to trade.

Looking forward to a productive month of May. Keep an eye out for our team at additional conferences throughout the world. Stay tuned!

New to Hydro?

Hydro is a network layer protocol for high performance decentralized exchanges and marketplaces with built-in incentives for coordination. Hydro utilizes’Federated Liquidity Pools’ (FLP) to address the issue of liquidity sharing among various decentralized exchanges.

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Thank you very much for your support.

Best regards

Hydro Protocol Team

Hydro Protocol

Hydro Protocol is an open-source framework for building decentralized exchanges

Thanks to Scott Winges

Hydro Protocol

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An open-source framework for building decentralized exchanges. New website coming December 17, 2018!

Hydro Protocol

Hydro Protocol is an open-source framework for building decentralized exchanges

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