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Open sourcing beyond smart contracts

Open sourcing DDEX libraries to make it easier to interact with protocols and Blockchains

We’re open sourcing libraries we found most useful for interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain.

We’re starting by releasing 3 projects today, and will continue to release more in the upcoming months in an effort to give back to the community.


In the past year, we focused on open sourcing high quality solidity smart contracts. However, we realized that for every developer who wishes to deploy production level smart contracts, many more simply wish to interact with blockchains to build interesting applications on top of existing protocols.

For example, if you wanted to create a twitter account that tweeted each time someone was liquidated on a decentralized exchange, you would need to automate a way to pull specific data from smart contracts and track these on-chain events. You don’t need to write/maintain a contract, you just need ways to interact with them. The watcher project below can be used for this.

By open sourcing useful utility projects that make it easier to perform common blockchain operations we are (hopefully) able to provide more value to the community at large.

Open Sourced Now

The first three libraries we’ve open sourced are ones that we use everyday. They could be useful for a broad spectrum of blockchain developers and enthusiasts.



An extensible framework for listening to on-chain events and doing something in response. We use it internally to update our realtime front-end, create tracking dashboards, and handle critical events such as liquidations.



A useful library to reliably send a transaction — abstracting away some of the tricky low level details such as gas optimization, nonce calculations, synchronization, and retries.



A gateway that allows you to run multiple Ethereum nodes for redundancy and load-balancing purposes. Can be ran as an alternative to (or on top of) Infura. It also includes handy features such as permission and rate limitations.

Open Sourced Future

Let us know if you find these libraries to be useful! Or if there’s other stuff you’d love to see us open source :)

Chat: https://discord.gg/g6C6jfB



Hydro Protocol is an open-source framework for building decentralized exchanges

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