Hydro Community Update: 24/10/18

In this weeks Hydro Community update, we will tell you some of what the Decentralisation Ambassadors (DAs) have been up to over the past week, and let you know some of what we have in store coming up.

The Hydro Community Development Program (HCDP)

Following last weeks news that the The Hydrogen Technology Corporation, handed responsibility of the HCDP over to the Hydro Community, we are now working on getting many more HCDP tasks published on the Hydro Community GitHub.

The big HCDP news of the week is that there is now a Hydro 2FA Plug-In available for Joomla. Built by Hydro Community members, this Plug-In allows the millions of websites built on Joomla to be secured by Hydro 2FA.

If you use Joomla you can download the extension here:

We are also close to completing v2.0 of the fantastic WordPress Plug-In built by GitHub user @adrenth, alongside our very own DA @HarshRajat,

Some of the features we have been implementing are:

  1. Out of the Box implementation / No Coding Required at all.
  2. Range of options for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), from optional, prompted or always on (enforced).
  3. Checklist based guidance on things required, next steps for streamlined interface.
  4. Everything is directly enabled and is on frontend without any intervention.
  5. Re-authentication Feature, i.e you need to enter MFA again for visiting some pages (when logged in). An example would be when you change your password and facebook asks you to confirm the details, or when you do any critical stuff and you get asked to reconfirm. This is setup just by selecting a tickmark on any post/page.
  6. An incorrect number of MFA attempts will also block the user’s access. For example, 5 consecutive incorrect attempts (can be adjusted by the admin) will block the user from logging in, and the websites admin will need to unblock them.

The Hydro Wordpress Plugin (v1.4) is already available in the Wordpress Plugin Store, lookout for v2.0 coming soon.

We have also started a weekly summary of available HCDP tasks. The first article can be found here:


We understand that a lot of the community are interested in what is going on with exchange listings and that no news can be frustrating. However, when NDAs are involved (which is common with exchanges/projects) its hard to release info as it may fracture a relationship/deal between two parties, or even have more widespread implications. We also need to be sure not to create rumours , which can get out of hand and damage the project, or future exchange listings.

We can confirm that the DAs are in direct contact with a number of exchanges and are undertaking thorough reviews to ensure that any listing is appropriate.

Any exchange news will be posted on Telegram by one of the DAs, the @HydroCommunity twitter account, and on /r/ProjectHydro by /u/HydroCommunity.


You may have noticed that we have just announced our first Hydro Community contest. Good luck to all that enter.


The DAs are currently hard at work developing a Hydro Community website that will contain a mass of Hydro related information, including news, guides, DA profiles, portals, and a whole host of other features.

Community Contact Details

Thanks to Nahom over at Hydrogen HQ for collating the contact details for the DAs and local groups.

Decentralisation Ambassador Program

The DAs are hard at work conducting application reviews and interviews. We hope to have more community members joining us as DAs soon.

If you have applied to be a DA and haven’t heard back yet, please don’t worry, you will get a response. There are a lot of applications to get through, and a process of reviews, interviews, and discussions, so it is taking some time.

Good luck to everyone that applies for a DA position.


We are developing a governance structure for the DA program. From now on when you apply you will find that there is a new section on the application form for you to indicate what role(s) you are applying for.

The governance structure currently looks like this*:

  • Developer
  • UI/Graphic Designer
  • Social Media/Community Manager
  • Writer/Journalist/Blogger
  • Product Manager
  • Account Manager/Customer Success/Evangelist
  • Exchange representative

*the structure may change as the program grows.


As usual we are getting reports about scams. In short you should remember the following:

  • No team member or admin will ever contact you with an offer.
  • The only official Project Hydro telegram group is https://t.me/projecthydro
  • There are no more Hydro airdrops either now, or in the future.
  • If in doubt please contact an admin on telegram or discord, or /u/HydroCommunity on Reddit.

As usual, if you have any questions, or just want a chat, we are available on Discord and Telegram.