Hydro Community Update: 7/11/18

Welcome to the Hydro Community update, where you can find out what the Decentralisation Ambassadors (DAs) and the Hydro Community have been up to over the past week .

Decentralisation Ambassador and Hydrogen Core Team Meeting

We had a big meeting this weekend to discuss the future of the DAs, the core Hydro team, and the Hydro Community (no Table Tennis was played sadly). We cannot go into detail at this time as it is still a work in progress, however, in the interests of transparency, we can tell you that the following topics were discussed.

Separation of Powers

We discussed how there is going to be a separation of powers between the core Hydro team and the DAs. As the project moves forward, the HydrogenAPI GitHub will only host Hydrogen related, proprietary, development tasks, and the Hydrogen Community GitHub will host all of the open source Hydro tasks.

Of course there will be some crossover where the core team feeds into the Community development tasks.


A set of bylaws for Project Hydro has been drafted and is currently being reviewed.


In addition to the general DA governance system, we need a more comprehensive system of internal governance. We aim to have a President*, Treasurer, Secretary etc, to decide who will oversee things such as the allocation of HCDP tokens, meetings, termination of DA roles and so on.

This does not mean centralisation of the program, but is required to help ensure that the project doesn’t become scattered and inefficient.

*terminology and details are currently being reviewed and discussed

Multi-Signature Wallet

Prior to handing over the ~1.1 billion Hydro HCDP tokens to the DAs, a multi-signature wallet is being developed to ensure that no fraudulent action can be taken by any rogue DA(s). Until the system has been completed the core Hydro team remain in technical control of the tokens.

Hydro Community Voting

As a decentralised project we are looking into ways to allow the community to vote on important Project Hydro issues.

Decentralisation Ambassador Profiles

We have started a daily DA profile series on our blog. You can see the first three profiles below.

The Hydro Community Development Program (HCDP)

We were hoping to have a lot more HCDP tasks up by now, but following the weekends meeting we have decided to make a few more changes.

We do have one new task that anyone can try to complete, and that is a 200,000 Hydro Testing Bounty for the Wordpress 2.0 Plugin.

Just install and test the WordPress Plugin, and if you find a bug you could earn a share of 200,000 hydro.

Community Brainstorming

We’ve been getting some great interaction on the Hydro Community GitHub but would love to get more.

One of the original purposes of creating the Hydro Community GitHub was so that the non-developer community could get their ideas seen by the developer community. You never know, your idea might make it to the HCDP and become a part of the Hydro ecosystem.

If you do have an idea for the project please do let us know over at the Community Brainstorming repo.

If you are unsure of how to comment there is a guide at the bottom of this article.


We have just finished the 75,000 Hydro contest and would like to congratulate everyone that won, and also thank all of the DAs who supplied the Hydro pool from their own wallets.

We will have more contests in the future (maybe something for Christmas) so if you didn’t win this time than better luck next time.


Sorry, still no news of new exchanges but we do hope to have something for you soon.

We can confirm that the DAs are in direct contact with a number of exchanges on a daily basis, and are undertaking thorough reviews to ensure that any listing is appropriate.

We understand that no news can be frustrating. However, when NDAs are involved (which is common with exchanges/projects) its hard to release info as it may fracture a relationship/deal between two parties, or even have more widespread implications. We also need to be sure not to create rumours , which can get out of hand and damage the project, or future exchange listings.

A list of exchanges where you can find Hydro can be found here:

Any exchange news will be posted on Telegram by one of the DAs, the @HydroCommunity twitter account, and on /r/ProjectHydro by /u/HydroCommunity.


We are still working on the Hydro Community website. We can’t wait to get it completed and out to the community.

Decentralisation Ambassador Program

As always the DAs are hard at work conducting application reviews and interviews.

If you have applied to be a DA and haven’t heard back yet, please don’t worry, you will get a response. There are a lot of applications to get through, and a process of reviews, interviews, and discussions, so it is taking some time.

There is now a governance structure for the DA program, so when you apply you need to indicate what role(s) you are applying for.

The governance structure currently looks like this*:

  • Developer
  • UI/Graphic Designer
  • Social Media/Community Manager
  • Writer/Journalist/Blogger
  • Product Manager
  • Account Manager/Customer Success/Evangelist
  • Exchange representative

*the structure may change as the program grows.

If you are interested in joining the program the details are below.

Good luck to everyone that applies for a DA position. If you don’t make it through than please do consider joining the HCSP.

Community Contact Details

Want to contact the DAs? Then check out the contact detail sheet for the DAs and local groups.

Due to popular demand we have now also added [DA] to the start of all our Telegram names.


As usual we are getting reports about scams. In short you should remember the following:

  • No team member or admin will ever contact you with an offer.
  • The only official Project Hydro telegram group is https://t.me/projecthydro
  • There are no more Hydro airdrops either now, or in the future.
  • If in doubt please contact an admin on telegram or discord, or /u/HydroCommunity on Reddit.

As usual, if you have any questions, or just want a chat, we are available on Discord and Telegram.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash