Hydro Decentralisation Ambassador Profile: Jonah Hall

In this series we are introducing all of the Hydro Decentralisation Ambassadors (DAs) so the community knows who we are and what we do.

Next up we have the latest DA to join the program Jonah Hall.

Jonah’s Background:

“I have spent the last 11 years co-running a company I founded that designed and coded themes for the Joomla and WordPress CMSs.”

“I came across Hydro in early 2018. I was instantly intrigued by their vision of “bridging” the old world bank systems with new blockchain technology. This seemed like the ideal way to integrate blockchain tech into the current fintech world. From this point on I have followed the project and contributed where I could.” — Jonah Hall

Jonahs’s Vision for Hydro:

“My vision as a DA is to provide value to the Hydrogen Ecosystem by the two following methods: 1. Using my 11 years of UI/UX design skills to further the project’s development via UI for dApps, graphics, etc. 2. Also introducing new developers to Hydro. The Hydro MFA Joomla plugin was created by a developer that I brought on board. Although I would love to bring on more, and may, my main focus will be UI/UX design related items during my time as a DA.” — Jonah Hall

Please give Jonah a warm welcome! You can find Jonah on Github and Linkedin.

Join the DA Program

The DA program currently has the following governance structure.

  • Developer
  • UI/Graphic Designer
  • Social Media/Community Manager
  • Writer/Journalist/Blogger
  • Product Manager
  • Account Manager/Customer Success/Evangelist
  • Exchange representative

If you think you fit one, or more, of these roles we would love to hear from you. Please see the below link for details on how to apply.