Announcing Block Tank Participants!

We are very excited for the 1st Annual Block Tank competition on Thursday!

We were tired of the same old format for blockchain events — four people get on stage and give talking points to a moderator from pre-scripted questions. BORING!

What makes the show Shark Tank so great is the ability to watch real people become successful or fail on national tv. So, we decided to re-create the event, with a decentralized twist.

We will be separating the event into two segments: existing dApps, and in-development dApps.

Here is a list of dApps that are currently slated to present:

After the dApp competition, there will be a decentralized vote that takes place, using a smart contract that our awesome blockchain engineer Noah created! Thanks to our event partners at Trust Wallet for giving us the tools to create the vote. The winner of the vote will get an awesome package of tokens, to be announced at the event.

The second part of the event will feature in-development dApp ideas. The entrepreneurs will have the ability to join a Hydrogen hackathon the day of the event, in the Hydrogen dojo. They will be given tools and support from the Hydrogen team to make their dApp ideas a reality.

Some of the dApps that have already been submitted include: a new crypto exchange app, an accountability tool for women, a news app, among many others.

Our all-star panel of mentors/judges that will be roasting them are:

“The Platform” — Hydrogen (Building the financial platform of the Web 3.0)

“The Exchange” — Huobi (#3 by volume in the world)

“The ICO” — Wan Chain ($36 Million ICO, top 50 token by market cap)

“The Rainmaker” — Blockchain Founders Fund (Dash, NEO, OmiseGo, Steem)

Also, we have some awesome exposure lined up. There will be a live-stream of the event available to hundreds of thousands around the globe. Coindesk is scheduled to report on the event, TraderCobb (#1 podcast in Australia) is scheduled to stream from the event, plus some other surprises!