Hydro Blocktoberfest: The Snowflake Ecosystem

As part of our ongoing Hydro Blocktoberfest celebration, we would like to give a first look at the total Snowflake ecosystem.

Snowflake Ecosystem

As you can see, the Snowflake smart contract is the foundation of an ecosystem of APIs, mobile apps, dApps, a dApp store, and a wallet:

  1. Snowflake Smart Contract: The Snowflake Smart Contract powers all the functionality needed by users building out their digital identity, and by dApp developers taking advantage of HYDRO’s payments and digital identity solutions.
  2. Snowflake Identity Token: A User’s “ID Badge” that connects them with dApps and streamlines payments in HYDRO tokens.
  3. User Wallet: A wallet from which the user can transact; it can be linked to the user’s Snowflake identity.
  4. Hydro Mobile App: A portal to help a user build out their digital identity in an intuitive way.
  5. Hydro API: Connects mobile users to their digital identity and allows private systems and businesses to plug into the Snowflake ecosystem without uprooting their own architecture.
  6. The Snowflake dApp Store: The dApp store is an out-of-the box solution to offer dApp developers sophisticated monetization structures and a common user-base equipped with any necessary form of digital identity.
  7. Snowflake Dashboard: This dashboard allows a user to seamlessly manage their associated data/resolvers from a single dashboard. Here they can manage multiple Ethereum addresses, various dApps, & their HYDRO withdrawal balances.
  8. dApps: Decentralized applications that can automatically recognize users by their identity on Snowflake, and can automatically take advantage of Snowflake’s monetization features.

All: Hydro Tokens In Snowflake: The HYDRO tokens open simple or sophisticated programmatic payment gateways between users and dApps.

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Later this week we will take a look at Hydro’s work with privacy protocols, subscription payments, and more surprises!