Introducing New Hydrogen Partner

Our 30 Partners in 30 Days series continues with #19 of 30 — Daneel!

Daneel is inventing a new way to get your cryptocurrency news — through their own personal assistant. Daneel utilizes artificial intelligence so it can answer questions like — “Can you tell me how people feel about the Ripple project?” Their AI searches for the information best suited to your research, and the results are then easily communicated back to you. Hydrogen plans to integrate the Hydro blockchain into Daneel to make an even more powerful user experience!

Here is how they describe themselves:

Daneel is a personal assistant using IBM Watson technology, one of the most efficient artificial intelligence platforms on the market. Daneel is an assistant that can offer you daily assistance in the world of cryptocurrency.

Here is a list of their partners:

Tomorrow we will announce #20 on our list, meaning there are still many partners left to announce before Labor Day!

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