Understanding The Hydro Token Distribution

The goal of Hydro from the beginning has been to create a global decentralized financial ecosystem that powers the Web 3.0. Hydro’s token creation and distribution has been different from most other blockchain projects, as we decided on a much fairer initial distribution through a developer airdrop. In an effort to continue to be as clear and transparent as possible, we have found the need to be more specific with how the entire token supply will be handled in the future.

A finite supply of 11,111,111,111 Hydro Tokens was created during the smart contract creation. For the health and continued sustainability of the Hydro ecosystem, the Hydro Tokens were allocated as follows:

Third-Party Developers: 2,632,330,741.57

These are the tokens that were distributed during the initial Hydro airdrop to developers that met the Hydrogen compliance standards at the time. This distribution is final, and we are not holding any more airdrops.

Community Development Program: 1,111,111,111.10

The Hydro Community Development Program (HCDP) is Hydrogen’s plan to encourage a decentralized platform with awesome products developed on top and as many developers contributing to the project as possible. HCDP tokens will be released in small increments over time throughout the lifetime of the Hydro ecosystem to reward development and keep the ecosystem running.

Repository: 3,888,888,888.85

The token repository currently has no plans for distribution, but in an effort to encourage decentralization, it should be assumed that the tokens will eventually be incrementally distributed into the ecosystem. Some possible ways the tokens in the repository could be distributed are: exchange of tokens with BTC or ETH, token burning, additions to HCDP, or additional internal developer allocations. Currently there are no formal plans for any distribution. In the event of a planned distribution from this repository, we will alert the Hydro community with 30 days notice.

Current Internal Developer Team: 2,923,222,222.19

The use or movement of the team tokens is unlocked during the initial 12-month period after the February 16th, 2018 contract creation and distribution. The unlocking allows for increasing use permitted on a month-to-month basis during that time.

Future Internal Developer Team: 555,558,147.2

Future team tokens are 100% unlocked when allocated after 12 months from the initial February 16th, 2018 contract creation and distribution, otherwise are locked on the same schedule as the current internal developer team.

It is important to note that all 11,111,111,111 Hydro tokens were mined during the contract creation and are already stored in ERC-20 wallets. Some token tracking sites will show a much smaller circulating supply than 11,111,111,111. If this is the case, you should assume the circulating supply will gradually increase (approximately 300 million per month) until it approaches, or is equal to, the total tokens mined. Please note, this does not mean more tokens have been mined or the total supply has increased; the tokens already exist in the wallets, but token tracking sites are quite unsophisticated and they do not treat ERC-20 tokens correctly in our opinion.

Remember, it is the goal of Project Hydro to be decentralized and empower millions of developers and billions of end users to create a self-sustaining ecosystem for the financial betterment of humankind. We believe this token plan serves that end purpose, while successfully fostering the initial incubation of the ecosystem.

If you have any other questions about Hydro please feel free to go to Telegram, Discord or Reddit to ask for more information!