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Hydroponic Way

How to Setup Wick Hydroponics System With 8 Easy Steps.

Explained the steps, benefits, drawbacks, and its characteristics.

Hydroponic Systems are known for being one of the most sustainable methods to grow plants because they rely heavily on water and nutrients. However, not all hydroponics systems have been this environmentally friendly — until now! The Wick Hydroponics System is a revolutionary design that doesn’t need any power from an electricity or gas source; instead of relies solely upon gravity in order to successfully provide everything your plant could possibly want.
Wick hydroponic system. Image created by Author using Canva

Hydroponic is the future form of farming!

Hydroponic farming does not use soil but instead a growing medium in direct contact with nutrient-rich water. This method of farming is done both indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for small…




Hydroponics helps grow plants everywhere and in any condition.

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