APBA 2017 Stock Outboard & J Nationals in progress at Grass Lake #APBA

There is no official site carrying all the action live so you'll need to jump around a few Facebook Pages to follow all the action. Kyle Lewis is posting live so you might want to friend him on Facebook real quick to follow along, link below.

Here’s a list of a few sites and pages posting from Grass Lake:

Seattle Outboard Association — Home http://bit.ly/2uXGc7P

Kyle Lewis http://bit.ly/2uXZKsR

Photo Krysti Kargus Allen Team PAVLICK getting ready to start racing at APBA stock outboard nationals in Grass Lake,Mi. #MHRA#GLnats2017 #JacksonMi
Photo credit Angela Jackson Olson With Cassandra Olson and Cody Olson.
Photo credit Kyle Lewis

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