Effective Teamwork: What Can We Really Do?

We often encounter a large number of articles and material on how to build up an effective teamwork. However, most of these tips and ‘how-to’ instructions contain too same-type recommendation and imply only one aspect of a successful collaborative work — what is next?

Today we will try to describe the true practices that provide effective teamwork. It is critical to find the way for your own teamwork cooperation — so we are glad to share our vision with you!

The essence of effectiveness and the role of a team

To start with, it is better to meet with the definition of the term ‘effectiveness’. As a rule, when people say the phrase ‘effective work’ they typically imply a kind of assessment of the work result, that is, a consequence of a certain working process. And at the same time, the process itself and the means that are used in order to achieve the desired results are often not taken into account. Actually, such an approach to work execution is fundamentally wrong.

In fact, a true meaning of effectiveness is in a set of special methods and ways that bring the company not only to the current desired results but also to future business success. Effectiveness manifests itself in the methodology and organization of the workflow, in the comfort of the chosen tools and in the adequacy and feasibility of the chosen business strategy.

And, of course, the effectiveness in work is impossible without an effective team. The role of the team is big and very important for every business. If it is possible to organize the work of a team and allow employees to act in their comfortable manner, it becomes possible to receive really effective work and truly successful collaboration in a company.

Combining these two terms into one, effective teamwork, we have got a sonorous concept of the most appropriate way of the workflow creation — one for all and all for one for the best business results!

The signs of the effective teamwork existence

As we noted earlier, effective teamwork is a phenomenon that can manifest itself. But in each case, it is a relative value, and it can be assessed differently.

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the teamwork is possible to be evaluated with the help of different signs or indications, as follows:

  • The company has a clear goal, and the team has a clear understanding of this goal. It may seem too obvious but it is a great situation when the working process is built well, and every single employee knows what is going on in the company. That is, team members work in their united rhythm and way, so the entire workflow will be executed properly.
  • The communication between team members is well-established. Actually, it does not matter how long team members know each other — the most important thing is a great way of communication between them. It is crucial to observe the way how they cooperate, perform their tasks and solve their problems doing it all with each other. And if everything goes well, it is a good sign for the effectiveness of this team’s work.
  • The team is well motivated to work. Yes, it is a tender question for every particular person, but still — it is important that each member of the team is truly interested in this work on this project. Roughly speaking, every team member should be satisfied with both the working conditions and the salary — and then it becomes possible to count on him and to call this whole team effective.
  • There is communication between team members outside of work. It is definitely a good sign when employees do not stop their communication at work and continue it in some joint walks and meetings in real life. It demonstrates friendly attitudes between team members what implies the existence of an effective teamwork.

How to take care of effective teamwork

Now we have come to the main part of our article — we would like to present you a bunch of our beneficial recommendations on how to grow up your own effective teamwork and increase the productivity of your company.

Recommendation 1 — Keep in mind the personality types and interests of the team members

Everything begins with the process of forming the team — it is important not only to select high-qualified professionals, but also to make up a team with the least risks of inconsistencies in the interests, methods of project development, or even just preferences in certain technologies. Let the team be uniform — it will give a greater chance to manifest the effective teamwork.

Recommendation 2 — Do not ignore relevant task management software

As you know, management software and other handy tools can make everyone’s life easier — so use it in your teamwork practice! Impeccable planning, a proper distribution of tasks and the tracking their execution by deadlines and quality — all it, of course, improves the effectiveness of not only the entire teamwork but also the activity of each particular specialist.

Recommendation 3 — Choose the appropriate projects for your team

To put it simply, based on its overall competence (knowledge, experience with specific technologies, velocity, etc.), every team should work with the appropriate projects. Indeed, it could be weird to assign work on complex projects to a team of newcomers, or it is really unacceptable to give urgent work the teams who are used to working in a less hasty pace.


Well, it is a very interesting and debatable issue about the effectiveness in teamwork, and everyone has his own criteria how to determine and measure it. Nevertheless, we have truly learned one thing — the effective teamwork is very important for any kind of business.

If you have your personal thoughts about effective teamwork and you would like to share it with us — feel free and write to us your comment below the article!