Why Do We Need Daily Task Managers?

Pavel Ku
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3 min readDec 14, 2018


Any manager cares about productivity, effectiveness and organizational skills. It is rather easier to stay organized and focused with an accessible daily task manager.

Important events, holidays activities, and special occasions can freely coexist in your plans along with your daily to-do tasks and very important issues.

In this post, we identify a task management software that helps you manage to-do lists by creating, assigning, prioritizing, scheduling, and tracking tasks.

What is task management?

Task management can be considered as a set of activities when a manager (a team leader or any individual) tracks a task throughout its lifecycle, sees its progress and makes decisions.

You may perform superficial task management using sheets of paper and a pen, however, if we talk about professional task management, you’ll need to use software tools for effective organizing and managing tasks. Smart features such as tasks creation, their planning, scheduling and assignment, tracking and reporting will be helpful.

For managers, the reports generated assist to analyze the overall efficiency individuals, departments or teams. You may use task management tools to track personal, group or shared tasks.

The power of daily task managers

Why do we need task management software?

In fact, task management software is slightly different from a project management tool.

Project management services include task management features. However, if it’s the only piece of functionality you really need in them, so you can get a standalone task management app.

There are plenty of free or premium task management software apps.

Their size and functions depend on the different factors: tasks requirements, whether the tool is used for an individual or any business (small-sized, medium-sized or corporates).

What are the typical features included in task management software?

  • Task and subtask creation, task sharing
  • Their assignment and reassignment
  • Tasks sorting
  • Tasks prioritization
  • Reports generation
  • Calendar
  • Security control
  • Integration with other systems
  • Mobile capability, etc.

In most companies, team leaders are responsible for creating, prioritizing, assigning and tracking tasks to ensure that they are completed on time.

Some task management tools provide a real-time view and access to all related content and discussions when managing a task assigned to a group.

Most tools such as Hygger.io allow users to visually manage tasks and see the history of completed, pending, overdue and ongoing tasks.

Why choose Hygger for task management

Hygger allows creating, editing, assigning and tracking the project tasks with the help of convenient boards.

Instead of having to buy separate requirements management, project planning, and tracking tools, you may use a complete web-based task management system provided by Hygger.


As we see, task management is an important process that allows managers and team leads to monitor the time employees spend on a task, track the ongoing and completed tasks, understand an employee’s workload.

Task management tools are really useful for optimizing workloads, forecasting bottlenecks and guarding against delays. The main benefits of using task management software are:

  • keep tasks in one place
  • save time and efforts
  • help to stay on schedule and hit deadlines
  • prioritize work
  • help to understand what is more important or require more time
  • improve collaboration