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HYPE Protocol

New Pairs

  1. $MUSE is a native token for VeryNifty, an NFT tamagotchi-like game, where $MUSE are staked to summon and keep your NFT pets alive, do battle, and rank up to access advanced features.
  2. $ZLOT (zLot Finance) is a staking protocol which enables small HEGIC holders to pool holdings and earn option premiums.
  3. $PCT is a governance token for Percent Finance, a lending/borrowing platform.
  4. $YAX (yAxis) is a meta yield farming platform focused on providing a true set-n-forget yield farming experience for passive investors.
  5. $NSURE (Nsure Network) — a decentralized insurance and reinsurance market where underwriters can diversify and provide coverage on uncorrelated risks to earn leveraged insurance premiums.

Next Steps

  • The kickstart subsidy stage goes for 7-day, after that pools run on perpetual tax revenue rewards.

Benefits & Risks for LPs and Tokens Locked

  1. All Hype pairs reward users for providing liquidity over longer time horizons. Short-term traders and farmers are penalized and incur taxes.
  2. Liquidity removal from all HYPE/X pools is taxed and redistributed back to the pool as rewards — 20% of the withdrawal is taxed for redistribution (40% of the HYPE in the 50/50 pair).
  3. HYPE further takes a 1% tax on all transactions — any time someone sells or sends HYPE, a tax revenue is generated and redistributed back to all HYPE pools. For example, if someone sells HYPE for ETH, liquidity providers in the MUSE/HYPE will receive these taxes in the form of farming yields.
  4. To get the most out of HYPE, you should commit to providing liquidity for a long enough period for your HYPE earnings to offset any withdrawal taxes, and consider the usual risks of impermanent loss from being a liquidity provider.
  5. Exercise discretion when entering new liquidity pools, and expect high volatility in the initial stages of bootstrapping a new pool when yields are high.

About BUILD Finance

For anyone new here, BUILD Finance is a community-owned venture builder DAO. $BUILD is a governance token that also gives holders the pro-rata ownership claims on all assets and revenues owned and produced by BUILD. The current suite of products include:

  • Metric Exchange — a DEX aggregator that allows for limit orders trading for any ERC-20 token, which can also aid other projects with liquidity problems called Metric. The new functionality has just been launched. For example, here is a link to MUSE/DAI market
  • Hype Protocol — a liquidity locking protocol that provides long-lasting liquidity provider incentives.
  • OTC Market — a decentralized peer-to-peer OTC market.
  • bGold — a synthetic token pegged to gold (in early stages of development).
  • Updown — binary options for volatility trading (in early stages of development).

Useful Links


How to Participate in Liquidity Mining on HYPE?

Hype Protocol requires users to

  1. Deposit funds to a 50/50 HYPE/X Uniswap liquidity pool, and
  2. Stake the LP tokens at https://hypeup.finance.




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BUILD Finance

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