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1-day redesign sprints are the future for startups

A different approach to working with small businesses in an agile way

1-day redesign sprints

Last year we started a completely new approach to starting our work with startups. One that caters to the main issues small companies face. And especially now, when it’s even harder to grow a company, it seems to work perfectly.

We design products that both work and look amazing.

That is something a lot of companies say on their websites. As a startup founder you browse their websites, browse their portfolios and have to make a tough decision to commit.

But what if…

So when you finally pick a company, they want at least a month or a week, as a test project. That’s a lot of commitment when you’re still not sure whether you’ll like what they come up with.

And sure, you can give them feedback, but that leads to more and more hours building up.

It can be tricky and costly to come up even with the initial design for the MVP.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Enter 1-day design sprint

So our idea to solve these issues comes from the fact that after so many years in the industry, we have optimised our processes very well. So instead of guess-timating a timeframe for a project, we let our startup customers “try it out” for a day.

As most clients come to us with some basic wireframes already (and quite often they’re really good!) we created a streamlined approach of the 1-day design sprint.

The general idea is that we only commit to 8 or 10 hours and come up with a dramatic overhaul of the look & feel. If we notice any problems with the flow, we suggest fixes as well.

The plan is to simplify, make it easier to understand and make it look a lot better.

The result after that 1 day is a dramatic overhaul of the wireframe (or project if it’s a redesign). We suggest a better navigation pattern, a polished look and feel and a style that makes the product stand out and be remembered.

1 day redesign sprint
Client sent us the screen on the left, and after a very productive day we came back with the screen on the right, which led to us redesigning the entire app — and it looks stunning! :)

MVP’s need to be super-polished

We believe that if you’re going to quickly build the first version of your product and test it out in the world, it needs to look & feel top notch on every account. The flows need to be easy and fluid. The interactions clever and delightful. Same with the copy, little defining features unique to the product and last but not least the beautiful interface.

Because if you already figured out your Product-Market-Fit (and most startups need to do that first thing anyway) it’s best to show it to your first users in the best possible way.

Now that way can also be pretty quick and easy to update and expand. We use a systemic approach to these things, so after that 1 day is up, it’s a lot easier to estimate the entire product, plan ahead for things to come (new functionalities) and streamline the production process.

Value proposition in product building.
Building user trust around your value proposition through very high quality visuals that are both easy to use and easy to understand. And they look & feel like a product someone has put a lot of effort into — customers love that.

The goal

The goal of starting with 1 day is simple. Clients get a tangible result without spending too much. We on the other hand get paid for our time, so we’re treating a project with top priority.

And so far 99% of these sprints ended up with doing the full design, coding or overall business help. But those clients don’t know if they will like the result, before they try it. See? Everyone wins.

So what we want to achieve is to give startups a way to have a polished products that their customers will love. All without committing to long, convoluted and often unnecessary processes.

And the results speak for themselves! 😎

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