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Part 2

One success and one failure and how to learn from them. Startup 101. So You Want to Build a Startup?

Startup idea validated, what’s next.


Let me tell you two stories for context. Those stories are both good examples of what to do and…

Hey friends, look what we have for you today!

Let’s say you want to become a programmer, web developer, to be precise. You’re motivated and ready to study hard. You even gathered some learning materials. That’s all great. But what you don’t have is much time.

Macbook with time
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

A short story about committing to quality.

HYPE4 team talking about a project
One of our favorite coffee places near the office. This was us discussing hypetask — our new, little startup.

On Tuesday, December 10th 2019 we held another Do Good S*!t event in Sopot, Poland.

Have you ever seen someone live-redesign an app in front of an audience?

Our idea for this event has always been about focusing on actual quality work, with as little “jargon” and time wasting as possible. Once again we filled all the seats and delivered two presentations and a live redesign of a banking app.

As we’ve mentioned in the previous post, design systems against popular belief CAN and SHOULD be used by startups as well. They don’t need to be as robust as ones made for established brands, but adapting the “design system” first approach allows you to iterate faster on MVP stage as well.

Why do I need a design system?

To keep consistency and order in the product. That way you won’t spend time doing repetitive tasks over and over. You can focus on what’s truly important. 🍺

Last June I was so preoccupied while traveling that I forgot my national ID card from home. That caused a small problem, as I needed it to confirm my identity at the TOOL concert in Krakow so I had to find a way. Going back 400km home to get my ID wasn’t obviously a desired outcome. There had to be another way.

It turns out there’s an app for that.

I downloaded the mObywatel (mCitizen) app for my iPhone all happy that it will solve all my problems.


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