List of influential Twitter profiles in the Vue.js community — state of 2018

Dobromir Hristov
Sep 25, 2018 · 5 min read

The Vue.js ecosystem is rapidly expanding. With its growth in popularity, the amount of library authors and contributors increases every day. But how does one actually manage to stay on top of the wave all the time? How do other people always know about that new plugin, or that new library that you never heard of?

In this article I will share with you a long list of outstanding people, both for Vue and JavaScript in general, which you should follow on Twitter. As strange as it may sound to some of you, Twitter is, for me, the number one place to catch the latest news in the tech world.

For a curated list of Vue learning resources, please take a look at my previous article - A brief review of Vue learning resources — State of 2018

If you are too lazy to read the whole article, you can check the list of people on twitter below:

There are so many good tech newsletters out there, that I am probably not aware of, so I will try to cover mostly what is directly related to Vue.

The Official Vue.js News. Produced by @DamianDulisz , @venticco @greggpollack and @AdamJahr. They do weekly newsletters, covering the latest stories from Vue conferences, tutorials, plugins, hot tweets and more. The guys at VueMastery — Gregg and Adam are also doing an audio podcast of each issue of the newsletter.

Vuejsfeed is curated by @kostaskafcas co-author of Majesty of Vue. He also showcases tutorials, tweets, awesome new plugins and more.

Vuejsdevelopers, maintained by @anthonygore, has the benefit of having its own blog. This means that you will receive new tutorials from the blog first if you are subscribed to the newsletter.

Below is a list of popular Vue.js contributors, core team members and developers, passionate about Vue in general. Keep in mind I have left out some core devs or contributors just because they are not active in social media.

Its not all Vue though. General optimisation tips, best practices, common patterns and more are required to build a good app. Here is a list of exceptional people, who have a thing or two to teach you about JavaScript.

Waw that was a long list. Most of these people are actively posting, sharing ideas and discussing hot, trendy topics. Pick the ones you think suit your interests best and follow in their footsteps.

If you think I left out someone who should really be in the list, leave a comment bellow.


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