Hello from Katie

Hi! My name is Katie Konstantopoulos. Often known as Katie with-the-long-last-name. (For reference, it’s not like the city, and if you add in an extra “opple”, you’re only making it harder on yourself. Trust me. Constant. Topless. Easy.)

I’ve cultivated copy and wrangled projects at Hypenotic since October, but have shamefully delayed my introduction. I know, it’s terrible. But when you spend so much time writing about everyone else, it’s hard to find the time to talk about yourself!

Prior to working in our cozy, sun-filled space, I was a student. Young Katie decided that a degree in Sociology, English, History/Cultural Studies, and Food Studies was an attainable (and exciting!) combination, and although it took 6 years to complete, I did it with honours.

And 6 years is a long time. After my not-so-brief stint as an active student leader, I racked up considerable experience presenting on alternative local, gendered, and ethnic food histories while piloting community food equity and institutional food procurement projects. And over time, my personal motto has become “will make food for systems change”.

You may be wondering: Why food? I used to ask myself that a lot.

Although I do love eating, I’m not necessarily all about Food: The Item. It would be more accurate to say that I’m about the people that eat the food. And the systems that sell the food. And the policies that determine what food is available, at what price, and who gets to access it. I’m about communities. And how items like food affect how people talk about them.

When I graduated, I made a decision: wherever I ended up, I would build my skills across industries to educate and communicate the causes I cared about. Maybe it would be CSR, PR, or something else I hadn’t even considered.

And so I found Hypenotic.

Now, as an academic-turned-marketer, I’m enjoying breaking free from theory and institutional hierarchies, crafting a skillset right up my alley. Not only am I the resident pickle expert (a nice change from researching local duck), I get to deep-dive into the worlds of agribusiness, clean energy, social financing, and public safety on a daily basis. It’s the perfect situation for someone whose M.O. is learning about what makes things tick. And it’s a great place to learn how to communicate them.

Speaking of communication: like many of us in this highly digital era, I have a healthy, (not-quite-an) obsession with social media. With the guidance of the lovely folks I work with, I’m learning to incorporate brand strategy into the personable side of marketing that I’ve always loved — the side that grabs you with the things you (yes, you, the human!) actually care about and pairs it with enticing visuals and/or some seriously snazzy text.

Plus, since we’re a B Corp, our clients tend to be organizations and projects doing good work. Many are ones I’ve long admired (doing work in — you guessed it — food!). It makes being part of the Hypenotic team that much more fulfilling.

My Life Beyond the Hype:

  • I started reading at age 3, got routinely chastised for reading ahead of my class, and had read the entire catalog (give or take) at my local (and admittedly rural) library before I finished high school. No biggie.
  • My Kindergarten dream was to become a blimp pilot. And even though my career path is nowhere near aviation, you can still catch me rocking a laid-back Amelia Earhart look pretty regularly.
  • After 20+ years of sibling rivalry and getting my controller stolen, video games have re-entered my life as an incredible vehicle for storytelling, empowerment, and ethical dilemmas. I’m currently exploring the incredible depths of underwater alien worlds, navigating post-apocalyptic community-building, and reflecting on why I even play the darn things.
  • I’m also just beginning to pick up glass-working and pottery with my partner. It’s all very new. But just like doing anything you love, we might get good. And side hobbies might become side hustles. Or real hustles. Maybe we’ll retire on a farm with a workshop, two cats, a hedgehog, a lizard, and a floppy puppy. Who knows?