Hello From Luca


My name is Luca Morellato and I’m the most recent addition to Hypenotic. I will be joining the development team. I’m excited about the work that we do here at Hypenotic and appreciate the warm welcome from everyone. The following post will be a bit of insight into what brought me here.

Before coding, I spent years of my life being critical about the world around me. Studying Cultural Studies at University really changes the way you view the world. My understanding of power, design, and labour faced constant questioning. Almost to the point of absurdity. I then transitioned out of academia and stumbled into the world of service. Meeting and communicating with dozens of people every day fueled my curiosity. Hearing the stories a bartender hears (both true and not so true) added some humanism to my outlook. As time goes by I am becoming a little less rough around the edges and a lot more dialed into what actually matters to me.

I believe the built environment and the way we occupy that environment matters. Our interaction with spaces defines us. Whether it is physically constructed plazas, preserved natural parks or even digital platforms that I help to code. I am fascinated by the intricacies of these relationships. And that manifests in me wearing a few different hats for a few different occasions.

I have become someone who loves Architecture and Public Space. I like to analyze the role that they play in affecting happiness and quality of life. I live and hope to continue to live with the mindset of an environmentalist and park advocate. Mostly though, I am a Twitter-obsessed digital citizen who was raised on niche message boards, odd corners of the web and Wikipedia articles. This is where coding comes in. I realized I loved learning and that I had a desire to solve problems. After 12–14 months of soul-searching, tinkering with HTML / JavaScript and a few courses later I’ve caught the bug. Add another hat to my wardrobe. See this post for more of what pushed me to get into Development.

Today, I’m constantly learning, reading and watching tutorials. This is work required to tread water in the Web Development world. It feels fitting to hit a point in life where I can finally mix my interests and personalities with the work I do daily. I am truly excited to work with the team at Hypenotic. It’s very cool to work with a team that focuses on Purpose-Driven projects. And refreshing to know we’re continuously looking inward and learn from past experiences. I get to help build meaningful things. What more can I ask for?

Here are some random facts about me:

I am obsessed with the desert.

In 2018 I ran 2160km (which is roughly the distance from my house to the place that changed my life).

Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota is the place that changed my life.

Jerk Chicken is my favourite food.

The Salk Institute is my favourite building.

I’m a dual Canadian/Italian Citizen.

I think Robarts Library is beautiful

My first tattoo was the word “butt.”

I would like to hike the Bruce Trail in one continuous trip.

My partner and I spent 1-month driving through the Western United States while sleeping in our camper-converted Subaru station wagon.

I one day hope to live in a shed in the middle of the Mojave/Sonoran desert.