Introducing Hyperbolic

Realize your vision for AI with the platform that gives you open-access to more than just GPU compute.

4 min readApr 4, 2024


In a world that’s increasingly shaped by AI, the power to innovate, to disrupt, and to make monumental strides in the way we use the generational technology to drive positive change, has been closely guarded. Access to the computational resources and infrastructure necessary for AI development — a key to unlocking this power — has been limited, and too often reserved for those with significant financial resources or institutional backing. Hyperbolic has emerged from a vision to challenge this status quo, embarking on a mission to democratize AI and make it accessible to innovators everywhere, regardless of their resources or geographical location.

The future of AI should be accessible to all — a journey we take together, not the commercial playground of a privileged few.

This belief is at the core of our mission to democratize AI, breaking down the barriers that have historically kept powerful computational resources out of reach for many. Our aim is to empower every researcher, developer, and startup with the tools they need to explore, innovate, and contribute to the AI landscape. You can find our brand manifesto here:

AI holds the promise to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges, from climate change and healthcare to education and beyond. However, the true potential of AI can only be realized when it’s in the hands of the many, not just a select few. That’s where Hyperbolic steps in, providing open access to the computational power necessary to fuel AI projects of any scale.

Our Mission: Democratizing AI

At Hyperbolic, our mission is to break down the barriers that have traditionally limited access to AI technology. We believe in a future where AI is not hoarded by the few but shared by many, empowering individuals, communities, and organizations across the globe to harness its potential. Our quest is to make groundbreaking AI technology universally accessible, fostering an ecosystem where innovation thrives unrestricted by traditional constraints.

A Community Driving Forward Together

One of our core beliefs is that true innovation is a collective endeavor. This is why we’re not just a company; we’re a community. A community that spans across borders, industries, and backgrounds, united by a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI. Our platform is more than just a set of tools; it’s a space for collaboration, where ideas, resources, and knowledge flow freely, enabling breakthroughs that would be impossible in isolation.

Our Approach: Innovation, Empowerment, Collaboration

Innovation is at the heart of Hyperbolic. We continuously explore new horizons, pioneering solutions that redefine the landscape of technology. But innovation alone is not enough. We’re committed to empowering our users, giving them the tools, resources, and support they need to turn their visions into reality. And we know we can go further and faster by building together. That’s why we foster a collaborative ecosystem, a global compute network that redefines what it means to work together in the AI field.

The Values That Guide Us

Our journey is guided by a set of core values: innovation, empowerment, collaboration, transparency, excellence, wisdom, and resilience. These values are not just words to us; they are principles that shape every decision we make, every product we develop, and every interaction we have with our community. They ensure that we remain focused on our mission, committed to our users, and true to ourselves as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AI.

Looking Ahead: The Future We’re Building

As we look to the future, we see a world transformed by AI in ways we’re just beginning to imagine. A world where AI serves as a catalyst for unprecedented innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving. With Hyperbolic leading the charge, we’re not just waiting for this future; we’re actively creating it. We’re developing the tools, fostering the community, and championing the values that will bring this vision to life.

We Invite You to Join Us

We’re on an exciting journey, and we’re just getting started. Whether you’re a developer, a researcher, an innovator, or simply someone passionate about the potential of AI, there’s a place for you in the Hyperbolic community. Together, we can shape the future of AI, breaking down barriers, pushing boundaries, and creating a world where technology empowers us all to achieve more.

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